• You should always keep your body hydrated. You can practice swimming and showering to get hydrated. This makes your skin soft and helps in removing the thick psoriasis without affecting your skin. Make sure that you wash your body in lukewarm water.
• You should always take care to apply moisturizers in your skin. This will help to keep them moist.dry skin will get cracked and starts bleeding so try to maintain the moisture in your skin. Applying moisturizer suddenly after showering will help to retain the moisture content in your body.
• Try to keep away from the medicines. They will only worsen your condition. Medicines should be taken according to your skin condition. Small mistake in that will deteriorate the disease.
• If you feel that your indoor air is more hot or dry, try to employ humidifier to cool the air inside. This will create a moist environment, which is suitable for your disease.
• Use mild sops to clean your body. Always give priority to moisturizing soaps and products.
• Over weight is yet another situation that worsens your disease, so try to reduce your weight by following strict diet. People with psoriasis will feel more uncomfortable if they are obese. So try to reduce your weight any how.
• Massaging your scalp with olive oil will help to eliminate the psoriasis in your scalp. Massage gently and thoroughly to get rid of this from your scalp. There after you can use shampoo for cleaning your hair and scalp.
• Baking soda is yet another substance that helps in reducing the itchiness of your scalp due to psoriasis.

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