* Rose petals are the best for making your lips more beautiful. You can grind then add honey and apply to your lips.
* Rose water is also a good for your lips. Dip cotton in rose water and wipe you lips. Repeat this two to three times.
* Carrot and beetroot can be scrubbed on your lips. These vegetables have high carotene content in them. This will nourish your lips and will make it look more attractive.
* To remove the dead skin cells of your lips you can wipe with a soft tooth brush
* Massaging the lips gently will increase the blood circulation thereby making it more attractive.
* You can mix olive oil and sugar and apply it in circular motions with your finger. This procedure will refresh the lips.
* Avoid smoking. The nicotine present in the cigarette will darken your lips and will spoil the beauty of it.
* Increased consumption of tea and coffee will also reduce the color of your lips.
* Applying lip balm that contains fruit extracts is good for your lips. Make sure that they are having good quality.
* Clean all the make up of the lips before going to bed. Excessive make up will destroy the natural beauty of it.
* Natural oil massage is also recommended to enhance the beauty of your pouts.
* If you wish to use lip stick then choose the shades that are natural and glossy. This will make you pout look bigger and fuller.
* Herbal medicines are available in the market that will enhance the beauty of your pouts. Choose good quality product for your personal use.
* Do not go in direct sun light without any sun protection factors. Apply lip moisturizer's which contain sun protecting factor in them.
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