We generally spend most of our quality time with our family in the living room, chit-chatting and bonding over some gossips too. So a place that brings us so closer to our family and keeps us connected, requires special attention too. Hence, the designing of a living room should be done in a manner that makes it look lively, bright, and radiating positivity. You can transform your living room into a much happier place with some really innovative and quick fixes.

Below are some points to be considered that will help make the living space more cheerful. These tips and tricks will not cost you a fortune, yet they will help you win some really nice compliments for your beautiful living room:

1. Use bright colours for the walls, or having textured walls is also a cool idea. And once the walls are painted, hand beautiful paintings as well as family pictures to rekindle the old memories and keep the bond ever strong.

2. Fragrance is also very important in bringing in good energy. One can opt of scented oil lamps, which not only gives out a soothing fragrance but also the dim lighting of the lamp relaxes our mind. Another alternative can be placing a huge bunch of fresh flowers with a subtle aroma. These not only look beautiful as a center-piece, but also keeps the air fresh and healthy.

3. Change the lighting if you have those boring ceiling light bulbs. Replace these with a beautiful chandelier or pendant lights. These are not too expensive yet gives a luxurious look and feel to the room.

4. In case you have a small living room, you can go for big sized mirrors to make your room look larger. With mirrors you again have multiple options such as, antique looking mirrors, wall size mirrors, or even multiple small mirrors.

5. Everyone knows there’s nothing which makes the living room more high end than having high ceilings. However, one cannot change that once the house is already made. So the alternative here is to hang long curtains to replicate the effect. The curtains should start exactly from the height of the ceiling, and touching the floor at the bottom.

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