1. Cover The ceilings with drapes
Fabrics can be used as a very powerful tool if used in the right manner; they can create an illusion of grandeur around at a small banquet. Fabric when chosen as elegant and formal, in night functions and bright pastels can be used for a morning event it can not only increase the fun factor the but provide with an illusion of grandeur too. Balance the look around with minimally decorated table tops at the wedding, where you can go light for the reception.

2. Try diverse textures and patterns
Textures and patterns can also add to the ambience make the banquet hall’s aura look large. For example, if you have sofas spread out to make the guests sit on, you should use patterned pillow cases in royal tones for the grand effect to come through. Throw in pop of shades and colors to add more fun to them, and mix and match as well. The feeling of space would come by.

3. Play with flowers
Flowers are not just for the table tops or display at weddings; you can have them to give a more spaced out look to the banquet hall if you hang them a few feet above the dinner tables to give your banquet hall a more intimate and a spacious look. Bright flowers bring in more illusion of space, whilst darker flowers make the space look collapsed sunk in.

4. Use dim table lamps
Tall table lamps are great to use at intervals on large buffet tables. They create more height on the tables and can be surrounded with flowers and decoration material to cover the cords. Keep the lights bright and nice, more on the creamy tones for more space illusion to come through.

5. Go retro, use lanterns
Weddings have had paper lanterns as decor pieces, if you use them in the right way you can create an illusion of space. you can use multiple of them on the ceiling, you can create an illusion of largeness. Check the dimensions of the venue first, and then double up the need for paper lanterns-it would be a different story altogether.

6. Get the seating arrangement right
Break the norms when it comes to choosing the right seating arrangement for your event. It is not necessary that you need to have sofas at weddings, just because you have seen most Indian weddings have them. Try comfortable armchairs, single couches, throw cushions and bean bags around, and even floor seating arrangements with rugs The unexpected set up would bring in more space and seating arrangements too.

7. Use the right decor
The use of decorative mirrors should be taken into consideration when working on a small banquet space. This is a fabulous way to create an illusion of space, and the whole area lights up to look gorgeous and stunning too. Decorative mirrors should be large, and used mostly as backdrops or can be placed on the hall walls of the banquet.


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