A great smile is not possible unless your oral health is in the prime state. Healthy, bright and stain-free teeth are key to imparting you a beatific smile that can help you charm others with effortless ease. That’s why oral care is necessary as it can let you live with confidence. Some people however don’t get this simple thing and go about ignoring their dental health. To them, oral care does not hold as significant as it should be which is wrong. Well, you should not emulate them ever particularly when a perfect smile is your target.

Your day should start and end with brushing as this is what dentists all over the world recommend. Your oral care routine should include flossing between the teeth so that food debris and plaque could be washed away. Similarly, a superior oral health is not possible without cleaning the tongue daily as this will help you stop bacteria from entering the bloodstream and reaching different parts of the body. If possible, rinse your mouth after every meal so that nothing can stick between the teeth to cause harms in future. And yes, use only a fluoride-rich toothpaste for maximum oral care benefits.

Further, dentists advise brushing gently and thoroughly, in a zig-zag manner to reach every part of the oral cavity. They also ask people to use a toothbrush with soft bristles so that frayed or worn-out bristles can corrode the tooth enamel. If possible, change your brush after every three months or so as this can keep away your teeth from the harms of hard bristles. More so, a superior oral care can’t be a reality unless you stop drinking too much tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and liquor. All these drinks or beverages are bad for your teeth and the earlier you chuck them the better.

Similarly, you can drink plenty of water through the day to wash away food debris and plaque bacteria from your mouth. The most important thing is to eat a well-balanced diet and stay away from too many sugars. Consuming sugars in any form, whether liquid or solid, can be bad for your teeth as this is how acid formation takes place in the mouth. Anything containing sugar, be it drinks, foods or snacks, should be avoided, or at least, its amount should be lowered to not let your dental health suffer. Rather, you should start eating more of fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables.

More importantly, a better oral health can’t be possible if you smoke or use tobacco in any form. Such a habit can leave you with stained or discolored teeth which can take away the natural shine of your smile easily. And yes, it’s advisable to seek a dentist appointment immediately if you have a toothache, or your gums are bleeding or if you have any problem with the tooth. Being extra cautious about your teeth and gums can be a great way to maintaining a superior oral care. And this is something you must understand always.

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Shashi das has been associated with a renowned dental clinic for many years and now he pens down his extensive knowledge that he gathered working as a dental professional to help and guide people