People spend a lot of time in the kitchen these days. No wonder it is called the ‘heart of the home’! Many children even grow up with the wonderful memories of nights at kitchen table, doing homework, eating dinner and hanging out with family. Letting your cooking room stay outdated and dreary can decrease your desire to spend time in this room. Don’t you think such a place deserves a little updating?
If you are thinking about updating your kitchen, here are five kitchen remodeling ideas to lower the cost of your project without compromising the quality.
Think whether you really need to replace everything?
When modernizing a kitchen, it is exciting to replace everything and start fresh. But to save on your remodeling cost, replace only those items that you really can’t do without. Think about whether replacing everything is really a necessity or if you can carry on your kitchen works with what you have. For instance, you can definitely replace your countertop if you want but painting or refinishing your kitchen cabinets rather them replacing them completely is also a great idea. With this update, you can surely enjoy the features of your new kitchen while keeping its remodeling cost low.
Change your wall color
Your kitchen can look beautiful and you do not even have to spend a lot of money for that. You only need to paint your walls. Consider painting the wall a bold color or add some accents, which complement the new color of the wall. Look for flea market products as an inexpensive way to make an impact with color.
Install new light fixtures
Install light fixtures to lighten up a dreary kitchen. Light fixtures can brighten things up without adding much to your kitchen remodeling costs. A kitchen needs a lot of light and if your cooking space doesn’t have much natural light, fixtures such as track lighting can serve the purpose of lighting the dark spots in the kitchen area. Under-cabinet lighting is also very functional and can provide a decorative touch to highlight the decorative pieces.
Use fabrics to decorate your kitchen interiors
When people think about decorating with fabrics, they generally think about the dining room, living room or bedroom. However, kitchen is also a place where fabrics can be used. You can use a beautiful tablecloth to cover up your old table. Not only will the tablecloth help you to hide all the scratches on the table, it will also provide a complete new look. A skirt can be used to cover up the island and fresh curtains can be used to liven up the windows. Do not forget the cushions for your barstools or towels, kitchen chairs, potholders and oven mitts. To keep your kitchen remodeling cost low, buy leftover lengths of fabric from discounted stores.
Shop smart when it comes to floors
Flooring is the most expensive part of remodeling a kitchen but if you shop smart, this cost can be reduced. For instance, if you prefer tile floors but have a limited budget; opt for clay tiles rather than porcelain tiles. They look similar.

These kitchen remodeling tips are not complicated at all. Just follow them while updating your kitchen and reduce your remodeling cost to a great extent!

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Aric Parker is an internet marketer who writes on various topics related to kitchen remodeling and kitchen remodeling costs.