Lawn care is relatively easy and quick job, and for a single day, you can have multiple tasks to do that need to be scheduled. To give excellent customer service and efficiently manage the lawn care business, you need a good scheduling software. The software helps you to know when to service a property, what function to perform, and helps you track the services throughout the year. It helps you to monitor your team when they get to work, follow all the activities done, and gain a better insight of the business.

Solutions for when you are looking for a good lawn care software should revolve around helping you to efficiently manage the scheduling, billing, deployment and other back-office functions. In this post, we are going to help you with three tips you should look for when shopping for a lawn software.

Management functionality

Lawn maintenance contracts are hard to manage in nature. There are multiple services to perform at changing intervals throughout the year and tracking where you are, can be challenging.

Before you shop for a service business scheduling software, you need to ask yourself these questions:

• How does it manage the process?
• Can you set up the process in advance?
• Can you create a maintenance program with multiple services?
• What is the defined frequency of process like fertilization managed?
• Can it automatically schedule the services with the correct number of days apart?

Another significant thing you can consider is when you renew the contracts. Can the software quickly create a similar contract from the previous one or do you have to create a new one? Good software can save you time by quickly setting up your renewed contracts.


Your software should make it easier to schedule multiple visits for different property owners. For example, if you have been contracted to mow a lawn 29 times over the summer, the lawn scheduling software should give you the flexibility to plan the whole contract. It should make it easier to reschedule when rainy days force you to rearrange your schedule, and should not take time to change the data because of the few inconveniences.


There are two main things that you need to consider when you manage the maintenance work:

1. Progression of your contractual duties. The key to making your customers happy is to make sure you meet their goals. If you don't want to run the risk of pissing off your clients and losing the contract or even overspending on a contract, you should have a particular frequency to maintain the lawn.
2. Manage your expenses. The software should show you the budget for a deal and the price paid so that you can know your costs.

There are many other things to lawn scheduling software than the three points, but if you find software with these characteristics, you can be sure that you will have less to worry about and ease your work.

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