So, today your search for a walk through on writing a newsletter introduction has led you here. But before we get there, you should be clear about something; there are no such things as cheats on writing a newsletter introduction, and there most certainly aren’t any kinds of special secrets on writing a newsletter introduction which you cannot master.

You could easily get through this art after dedicated effort and, along the way, it is perfectly alright to keep seeking help on writing a newsletter introduction and consulting a guide on writing a newsletter introduction.
Introducing Your Newsletter to Your Readers

Off all the tips & instructions on writing a newsletter introduction, the most important yet, unfortunately, the least focused upon and frequently forgotten tip is ‘keep it simple’.

You’re trying to seize the attention of a large and widely diversified target audience population through a single message so choose a greeting which is diversified and engages all kinds of readers with a sense of familiarity. All you need to do is focus on that one ever important subject line that is bound to catch your readers’ attention.
Seek the Catchiness from the Bulletin Board:

Remember, it is almost impossible to gather 100% attention, so your target is the maximum possible. For this, your presentation should match the concept of a bulleting board. Your word choice should be loud, vocal & bright instead of being boring.

A boring word choice can even turn the best arrangement in to a drag. An example of a boring tagline might be “ABC Co. Newsletter 8/10”. You seriously think anyone would bother to read any further? A catchier and bright rendition of the same tagline could be improvised to look like “ABC back with a 10% discount bang on all gadgets!”. Now that sounds more like it.
Engaging Your Audience:

Now that you’ve got the reader audience engaged with that 10% discount catch, follow up and build on it. You already know that the reader who is reading till this point is interested in wanting to know how he can avail this discount promo, so start feeding his hunger in small servings; don’t rush to the dessert.

This is where your real intro starts and following up to the mentioned tagline, your introduction can start off with something as simple yet informative as “To celebrate its 20th anniversary, ABC CO. is offering 10% off on all electric gadgets for the next 20 days…” You see where the flow is deriving its energy from? And where it’s leading up to? Don’t be surprised if this walkthrough on writing a newsletter introduction has got your brainstorming cells all charged up; it’s only doing its job.
Getting Down to the Main Course:

Once you’ve served the reader with a couple more info “servings”, get down to the “main course”. This is the part where you’ll give out the bigger details associated with the tagline. For example, keeping the previous scenario in perspective, you can give a list of outlet locations, a customer service phone number for those who have more queries etc. This is the point where you should be wrapping up your point because now you want to get the targeted reader populace to actually start taking action.
Connecting Your Introduction with Main Body Content:

Sum up everything and say, “Make a purchase worth $300 and get a surprise gift on the house; 100% free!” This is how you connect your introduction to both the tagline and the following text. I hope these tips on writing a newsletter introduction are helpful to you and they should be; this is information you won’t find in any FAQ on writing a newsletter introduction.

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