Our communications are always in terms of ‘words’ regardless of whether we interact with other people through speaking or writing. But, our thoughts are something completely different from that because then it becomes all about pictures and concepts rather than words. Top 10 schools in Noida What we basically do is think of pictures and concepts, and relate those with words to form our memory. And, this is exactly what visual memory, our topic of discussion for today, is all about.

So, what exactly is visual memory?

Before delving into tips to improve the visual memory, let us first take stock of what is meant by the term. It is a recollection of all the things that an individual physically sees. It has the ability to create mental forms of all places, people, and things that are not present in view.

Think of it like this: we memorize the images of the objects naturally in our mind without the need to be forced into. So, when someone says ‘table,’ we automatically think of a table that we are familiar with. Similarly, if this is the first time you are reading about visual memory, a mention of the term, at Top 10 schools in Noida later on, will bring your mind back here.

Four useful tips to improve the visual memory of your kids

Research has shown that visual memory in kids can be significantly improved through practice. So, here we, the Top 10 schools in Noida, have brought forth four tips for you that will certainly prove useful in improving your children’s visual memory.

  1. Games to train their visual memory while having fun

The usefulness of games lies in the fact that they help in enhancing children’s intellectual skills while they have fun. There are a number of games that aid in the improvement of visual memory, such as repeating tongue twisters, chained words, memory games, recognizing songs through music, and so on. Pick a new game every week to keep your children interested and play it with them to monitor their progress.

  1. Making up stories can be really helpful for the kids

As we all know, children love stories, and they can never be tired of hearing one more. We suggest you to use this trait of theirs to advance their visual memory. Start telling them the first line of the story, and ask them to add the next line, and keep progressing this way. Ask them to remember the story from the beginning and retell it from there at every turn before adding a new line.

  1. Careful observation and reflection of the surroundings

Careful observation and reflection can prove immensely beneficial for children to enhance their memory skills. Take your children out to parks, galleries, museums, trips, and the likes. Let them take their time to observe everything in their surroundings. Even when you take them out with you in the neighborhood, discuss the surroundings with them in detail. Later, ask them to describe the things they saw in detail, right from the colors, shapes, contrasts, location, to the other minute details.

  1. Engaging them in different kinds of shape building activities

Make shapes with color pencils or crayons, and ask your children to copy the exact same pattern. After a while, ask them to draw the same pattern but without looking at the previous drawing. Now, increase the challenges slowly by asking them to use different colors, changing the shape, or tweaking the pattern. What we are doing here is changing the stimulus through multiple trials, with a bit of difference in every step. It is believed that seeing the same shape, with variations in where to concentrate and look, enhances the processing of information by stimulating visual memory.

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We, at Lotus Valley International School, ranked among the Top 10 schools in Noida, believe that the best way to enhance children’s memory is through continued practice. And, if we are able to keep them focused while keeping these memory trainings interesting, getting them to practice and improve will not be too hard.