Always see that you use a light color to apply on your lips. It also shouldn't be a sticky lip color. It can be a little darker than your lip color. After drying you can apply the gloss making it look plumper. Mixing your lipstick and gloss and applying it on the lips can make your lips look much plumper. It stays for a longer period than applying the gloss separately.

Keeping your lips well hydrated and preventing it from drying can have a wonderful effect on your lips. Applying natural techniques like using petroleum jelly with cinnamon and pepper powder can help swell your lips, caused due to the tingling and irrigation caused in your lips. This help in better blow flow to the region. Those with thin lips get rid of it and sport redder, plumper looking lips. Some go for hard treatments like surgery and injections that can have a lot of side effects. These techniques are also very expensive.

Why should we go for such treatments when we can get results at home? Massaging your lips with hands and toothbrush can make your lips plump. These can have effect only for a short period of time.

It is always important to have a realistic view on this. Use the best measure ideal for you. There are products that have natural ingredients having herbal goodness in it which can have a tremendous change in your smile, looks etc because of those perfect lips.

It helps in bringing a major change in the way one looks. Thin lips are no more in fashion. Always get the fellow consumers opinion before trying any of these methods. Conducting studies on the various products before purchase would be very nice.

Why go for expensive treatments that can have side effects when you can get results using these natural techniques.
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