If you were born anywhere in Asia, you must be thrifty somewhere in your heart. And when it comes to traveling, you would never hear an Asian, particularly an Indian talking about debt for vacations. Indians and their brethren in neighboring countries do not even think of using credit cards on their vacations. However, the unfortunate trend of taking debt or using credit cards is catching up in India, but it is better to stay away from it, expressly for things like travel. If you are tight on budget, but cannot wait for your international holidays, you must go through these tips.

Weekly savings

When you look at the huge amount you need to save for a foreign trip, it seems a mammoth task to do. However, you can save daily or weekly beginning from a very small amount. Keep a small jar in the house, which you can use to drop the change you get. Dedicate one big jar for bigger amounts and drop a hundred rupee note every day or every week, as you find feasible with your income. At the end of the year, you will be astonished to see the huge savings you are able to make.

Find out the best time to go

When you are in India, it is important to consider the kids’ vacation time to match with your holidays. If you do not have kids, you must go for vacations right before or after the peak season. And if you have kids, you can travel when they are gone for summer camps. All members of the family can have their solitary time, which provides immense relaxation and learning for everyone. 

Stay at a friend’s house

If any of your friends stay abroad, there is no harm in keeping in touch with them even if it requires special efforts. You can plan to travel where your friend stays, even in your home country. It will save you the huge amount of accommodation at least, or probably food as well, if your buddy is generous enough. Nonetheless, never take someone’s favor for granted. Make sure you contribute to the household chores, cooking, and cleaning as much as you can. You must also buy a useful gift for your friend and arrange a party before you leave.

Research about the expenses

Keeping in mind everything that is in our favor, you must research about your daily expenses and keep that amount in separate envelopes. You must assign one envelope for each day and make expenses from them only. Keep some buffer amount so that you don’t feel tempted to pull out extra cash from your wallet.

Find out pocket friendly food

When you are at a tourist destination, even the basic food is very expensive. You may have to spend an exorbitant amount just to buy a basic burger in a foreign country. However, there are always a few places where the locals eat. You may try and ask the reception attendant at your hotel about the pocket friendly markets where you can find cheap food. Try to book a hotel that gives you complimentary breakfast. You can save a lot of money just by being thrifty about your meals.

Try alternative modes of transportation

For local travel in India, for example, Self-Drive Cars in Delhi may be a cheaper option than the chauffeur driven cabs for long distance travel. However, when you are in a country where public transport is great, you must make use of it. Singapore, for example, offers excellent metro and bus service, which can let you save a significant amount. Just by being creative and flexible about your choices, you can have a debt-free vacation.

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As an all time traveler, I like to be always on trips. Here I would like to share my experiences for readers about destinations and activities from my domestic and international travel.