For many marketers, getting their promotions to turn viral is a dream that they would do anything to reach. After all, when your appointment setting campaign goes viral, you get a lot of attention from business prospects. And since you now got their attention, it becomes easier for your marketing team to turn them into qualified B2B leads. Now, that would be something worth your efforts. And the secret for that: content.

Creating quality content is essential for a successful viral lead generation campaign, so you need to know where to start. The following points can help you get started.

First of all, you have to satisfy two distinct, yet essential, aspects of a viral content: it must be informative and it has to evoke strong emotions. Make your readers laugh, cry, or enraged, all these are strong emotion that you can tap when promoting your product or service. You can ride on a controversy, but make sure that your business is not too far off from the topics being discussed.

Next, think carefully of the title that you are going to use. If you want to have any chance of generating interest from readers (and potential sales leads), then make sure that your title speaks well of what you are offering. It has to be simple, clear, and honest in the eyes. The title must be attention-grabbing to readers, catching their eye and bringing their attention down to the accompanying content.

Another thing you need to remember is that viral content is best done by promotions. In other words, you ask for other’s help. This is the one common trait that that all viral content share. They have people sharing it with others, and these others also share it with those they know. Once this is shared, there is an increased likelihood of it being shared more later, saving you and your telemarketing team some effort.

Remember, your content will only be interesting if the information it provides is timely, accurate, and unexpected. One of the reasons content can go viral can come from the unexpected details that come out of the text. If you can actually create such content for your marketing campaign, then going viral can become a real possibility.

It also helps if you can focus on content that deals with your industry. This will streamline the information being relayed, as well as ensure that the right audience receives what you are saying to them. Besides, going through this path will show your expertise on that matter, earning their confidence, and therefore, spread the word about you.

All of these can play a key role in your appointment setting campaigns going viral. Of course, this is no sure-fire way to spread the word out instantly, but if you follow these tips, then you can head towards that desire direction. You just need to be ready for it, have a sharp eye on details, and be ready to deal with changes rapidly. That can still help you get more sales leads.

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