* Shun the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol to get peaceful sleep. Smoking and drinking alcohol will hinder your sleep. Drinking alcohol will result in incomplete sleep. Quality of your sleep will be ruined if you drink alcohol before going to bed.
* Set a constant time to go to bed everyday. This will adjust your biological clock, and you will start sleeping well at this time. Make sure that you will also wake up at a fixed time everyday.
* Never take heavy meals for dinner. This will lower your digestion process and will disturb your sleep.
* Design your bedroom in such a way that it is sleep friendly. It should be dim and cool so that you can get a fine sleep.
* Keep pillows according to your comfort level to avoid the body pain and other discomfort while sleeping.
* Calm yourself and forget the stress and strain in your life before you go to bed. Take a complete rest when you are in the bed.
* Listening to soft music will also help to get good and peaceful sleep. Try something like this to get a good rest.
* You can opt for reading. This habit will make you asleep fast and helps in providing complete rest for your body and mind.
* Taking a bath in lukewarm water is also a good tip to get a peaceful sleep breathing exercise is yet another method to bring good and peaceful sleep. Try these methods and get an effective result. Good sleep is very important to make a person active during the day time.
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