Sleep is one of the essential criteria your body requires. According to your activity in a day you should take rest to maintain the balance in the body. You will be very annoyed if you have any problem in your sleep. You cannot perform the day if you have not slept properly in the previous day.

The present life style and food habits have increased the sleep disorders. Many people are facing a lot of difficulty due to sleep disorders. It seems simple to others but the entire day will be spoiled for the diseased persons.

The number of hours you sleep and how deeply you sleep all are related to the health of your body. To maintain the homeostatic balance of your body you require proper sleep and rest. The main villains for these disorders are alcohol, cigarette drugs, caffeine, nicotine etc. they will have a bad impact on your body and also they will spoil your sleep.

Stress and anxiety are the two major reasons for lack of sleep. Try to overcome all your stress before going to bed. Meditation will help you a lot to overcome stress. Breathing exercise will help you to stay calm and get good rest. Do not eat heavy food before going to bed; eat your dinner at least two hours before going to bed.

Using the herbal sleep aid medicines will also help you to overcome the sleeping disorders. They have proved and shown good result in many people. The herbal composition of the medicines will help you to get good sleep.

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