So! You're looking at a sheet of paper or at the pc screen screaming for that concept to only MindTube leap out at you. You're being driven nuts. Nothing is forthcoming! Does that sound familiar?

It's a misconception that it is only the chosen few who are creative; we all have the ability. Those creative people that you perceive as being different to yourself are just consciously utilising and developing their skills. Harnessing our inbuilt creativity may be a matter of applying the creative powers that we all have and ridding ourselves of negative thoughts.

OK, so we've discovered that accessing good ideas is not an easy task. There is some truth in the saying that there are no new ideas only revamped old ideas. However, there are some techniques that can be attempted to get the creative juices flowing.

Think Outside-of-the-Box. Maybe you apply yourself to your particular craft in exactly the same way each time. 'Think outside of the box' as they say. Try alternative ways of doing the things that you always do the same, just because you always do it that way may be hindering you in thinking of new ideas. Revisit some old ideas and think of some potentially new uses for them, maybe some up to date changes that you hadn't previously thought of. You could reach that light bulb moment if you come at it from a special angle.

Jump-Start Your Brain.Wherever you usually source your information from, try somewhere completely unrelated to your chosen subject to jump-start your brain into another direction. Doing this will quite possibly offer you the inspiration you would like and kick-start your creative mind.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone. It's time to start doing some things that are out of your comfort zone. If you don't usually talk to neighbors get out and chat to them, try a different newspaper, watch programs you wouldn't normally watch, visit places like museums and exhibitions to help stimulate your thoughts and ideas.

Change Your Environment.Get a different perspective by altering your room around and changing the things on your desk. Even looking at another wall or out of a different window can assist in getting the creativity going.

Brainwave Entrainment. It has been discovered through scientific studies that people are experiencing particular brainwave traits during times of extreme idea generation and creativity. By listening to specific repetitive beats called brainwave entrainment, it's now possible to achieve the highly creative state of mind that inventors, artists, writers and great thinkers take for granted.

Taking all or at least some of these suggestions on board should alter your mindset and put you in the 'getting creative' zone.

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