If you are in your twenties or thirties, or of marriageable age, you have likely heard and read enough about planned and love weddings, as well as the current matrimonial websites. Therefore, here are some tips for people seeking a companion via the system of pseudo-arranged marriage.

Marriage is difficult, as is finding the proper partner. A person who is really interested in finding the appropriate partner would make an effort to specify their desires. I would avoid those that criticize others only on the basis of their skin tone, height, or profession.

Is it not vain to want a tall, thin, blonde beauty? Or a tall, dark, attractive man earning six figures? Regardless, isn't there more to life? Take your risks, then!
Know Yourself and Confront the Reality:

If you do not know who you are, you cannot choose who you want. Therefore, spend time with to learn about yourself and the kind of relationship you want. Understand, discard, and relearn. I once believed that I will marry the first person I date.

Unfortunately, life is not like that. It's great, but it doesn't happen to many people, so be prepared to investigate until you discover it. Be prepared to embrace everything that a partnership has to offer.

However, it is a laborious procedure, so prepare yourself and do not take matrimonial site rejections personally. Give it time and maintain your composure.
Wed a Buddy:

I would recommend being a friend before entering any connection, whether via a matrimonial website or official channels. Make friends with the individual. To be a friend, you must be yourself, be funny, be honest about your connections, and be non-judgmental.

If the other individual becomes your best friend, you are fortunate. There are friend-zone difficulties in the twenty-first century that we aim to resolve shortly.

Therefore, if you are communicating with someone through a matrimonial website, you should converse with them as you would with a new acquaintance and not as an ideal bahu.
Avoid Social Media:

Even though it is difficult to stop using Google, some people attempt to do so. Even if you Google them or locate their social media connections after finding them on a matrimonial site, it’s better to know their personal contact information you should not interact via these channels.

Avoid evaluating a person based on their social media posts/ profile. Conduct all first discussions in person or over Skype/ telephone. Texting and instant messaging are indirect modes of communication with a significant potential for misinterpretation.

Additionally, direct touch always improves the overall comprehension of a person. Create chances to meet the individual casually after gaining trust on the matrimonial site.

When you reach the level of genuine connection on a matrimonial website, I suggest that you interact with just one individual at a time. Because it will be confusing for you and unjust to the other party if you attempt to converse with many individuals at once.
Take Away:

Even though you get opinions from others around you, you should make the ultimate choice on your own. Consider how the other individual makes you feel. Before making a decision, make sure you sift through their profile on the matrimonial website.

Sometimes you may have had a preconceived notion of a person, but they may turn out to be very different, but you may still have fallen in love with them (which is also OK!). If you have any concerns or need further time, do so prior to making a choice.

It shouldn't take more than a few months to reach a final choice in an Indian context, however, this may vary from person to person.

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