Hair is actually a crown for girls. Whether it is long or short protecting them and caring for them is a strenuous work. It also acts as protective shield from the harmful rays of sun. Continuous exposure to sun will cause damage to your hair. Apply natural moisturizers to your to protect it from damages. Certain tips to prevent hair loss are given below:

* You can apply coconut oil and honey once in a while to overcome the dryness of your scalp.

* Never injure your hair root. Always handle your it with care. Comb your hair with brushes having wide tooth.

* Never shampoo your hair regularly. This will make your it dry. Never rub your hair forcefully. This will cause damage to your hair.

* It is recommended to use silky scarf on your head before going to sleep. This will help to prevent breakage of your hair.

* Go for a hot oil treatment once in a month. This lubricates and strengthens your dry and brittle hair.

* You can also avoid unnecessary coloring and straightening. Love your hair as it is!

* Avoid using excessive conditioners. This might result in complete damage.

Hair loss can be prevented to an extend by using herbal supplements. These herbal techniques do not contain any chemicals. They are harmless and do not create any after effects. Good hair is the sign of healthy body. You also need to care a lot on the food you take. In take large amount of green leafy vegetables and make your hair energetic and healthy.

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