Chartered Accountancy is amongst the top career choices made by individuals who wish to make big in the field of accountancy. CA isn't an ordinary label. It requires strenuous efforts and series of competitive exams to get a degree of CA from ICAI. The proportion of candidates clearing the examinations of CA is less than 5% in India. Despite, this the degree isn't sufficient enough to make a successful career in CA. These tips would help you carve out a spectacular career in CA.

1. Firstly, get your degree

As simple as it may sound, your dream of successful CA career won't see a light of reality till you clear your examinations. You cannot take this course under negligence. Every day would require strenuous efforts on your part to finally being able to clear the examinations. You might have seen people struggling for years to clear those examinations. Don't be lured into distractions and try clearing your CA examinations within minimum trials.

2. Develop a network

The battle continues even when you get your CA certifications. Hardly 8-10% of candidates clear interviews for their CA job. You need to understand the professional world thrives on connections. Utilize your time of articleship by developing favourable connections. It is easier to grab an opportunity when you have a strong curated network of your own.

3. Ace your communication game

Communication as a soft skill is the quintessential quality soughed out by employers. Even if you've landed a job for yourself, communication skills still plays the most crucial role. There won't be any pointing figures to your knowledge or abilities, but you surely could be dragged down for the lack of your communication skills. In the practical realm of world everything sustains on communicating abilities. With a job role of CA you won't be limited to desks. You would need to attend and conduct meetings which would require apt communication skills.

4. Stay updated

Your knowledge is your power in the career of CA. Your lack of knowledge cannot be justified in this career. Stay abreast with latest happenings and regulations concerning your work. Always remember, your value increases when you are able to offer solutions not thought by anyone else.

5. Know your worth

Don't chase money. This might sound absurd but read it out. The more helpful you are to organizations and companies, the better are your chances of grabbing high amounts. Don't underuse your skills just for the sake of work. Know your worth and learn saying no to projects that aren't in potential to your skills. The money would chase you when you would start availing premium for your services. And that could be done through an apt amalgamation of hard and soft skills.

You would be rewarded for the excruciating efforts of yours. But you need to make smart choices to carve a successful career for yourself.

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