* One of the best ways to cure the diabetes is to regulate your daily intake of food. You can choose a diet which is recommended for diabetes patients.
* Neem leaf can be chewed in the morning without having any food or drinks. This can greatly help to lower the blood sugar content.
* Cinnamon can be boiled in water and this water should be consumed by the patients to reduce the sugar level in the blood.
* You can soak almonds in water for a night and then consume it in early morning.
* Aamla juice and bitter ground juice can be mixed together and can be consumed to lower the blood sugar level.
* Mango leaves should be boiled in water and this can be taken in the early morning to avoid diabetes problems
* Tulsi leaves can be chewed on an empty stomach. The extracts are very beneficial for lowering sugar.
* Specific Meditation and yoga is also available for the diabetes patients. Then can follow them to get relief from diabetes.
* Garlic has the capacity to reduce the sugar level in the blood. Try to include more garlic in your diet.
* Insulin resistance can be regained if you maintain a healthy body. Regulating your food and proper exercising is recommended for this.
* Bengal gram should be soaked in water and then you have to take the extracts of this.
* Soybean is a best food for diabetes patients. They have the capacity to reduce the blood sugar levels.

All these are natural tips to control diabetes without any harmful side effects.
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