Baby’s first step is always memorable to parents. It is not less than a milestone for them. One day you see your baby standing next to the couch, holding it and may be sliding along with it and next moment you see him tottering into your arms independently. In the days to come, you see him slowly walking without support and then he starts running.

Parents must remember every child has different walking pattern. Not only they start walking at different times but their approach and strategy to begin walking is also different. Some kids crawl first and remain on their knees for long time, while others show no inclination towards crawling. As pediatrics, the age or time when toddlers begin walking also varies. Commonly toddlers start walking near their first birthday but some toddlers may start walking early in ninth and tenth month as well. Some may even delay it to the fourteen and fifteen month as well. Parents mustn’t push their child hard; toddlers learn walking when they are ready.

Your role

● Toddler seeks your support and coaching as well. As your little one initially learns to pulls himself up and stand at a position, he may get stuck and start crying figuring out –how to go back again. When he does this, don’t go and pick him up. Rather show him to bend his knees and sit on the floor. Let your toddler practice this process and give your support whenever required till he starts walking.

● You can encourage walking of your baby by holding both his hands and let him walk towards you or by kneeling in front of him holding his hand. You can also provide him with toddle tuck or push toy that supports him while walking and also they make walking experience lot more fun for the toddler. It is always best to select the toddle toys that are more stable and have a wide base of support.

● As your child learns to walk, don’t introduce shoes so soon. Walking barefoot helps him to improve balance and coordination. Avoid baby walking outside on rough surface or on roads.

Parents shouldn’t fret simply because their child is taking longer time than other kids to walk. They must always keep in mind that babies have different timetables. Premature babies generally reach milestones late than their peers. But if your child doesn’t stand with support up to the age of 12 months and is not able to walk till 18 months, then parents must consult the doctor.

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