* The toxic chemicals will get deposited in your liver can cause many serious illness. Therefore be alert in taking the chemicals. The detoxification process of your body is performed by liver.
* The detoxification process of the liver can be enriched by minerals like zinc and selenium. The vitamins are also necessary.
* Drink a large amount of water. Waster will flush out the chemicals and other unwanted products out of your body to a large extent.
* As the amount of toxins entering your body increases the work load of liver also increases. So physical exercise is required to keep your liver active.
* The body cleansing and blood purification property of your body can be increased with the intake of fibers. Fibrous food will also enrich your health and well being.
* You can start a day with a glass of lemon juice. This is the best purifier of liver.
* Ginger is a very good herb for cleaning your liver. You can take a teaspoon of ginger extract and have it before having your food. This will also ease the process of digestion.
* Milk thistle is a good herb that has the capacity to clean your liver.
* A mixture of spinach juice and carrot juice can be taken to clean your liver. They can be mixed together or can be taken alone.
* The root of dandelion is a good herbal medicine to clean your liver.
* Taking a herbal tea is also advised to improve the health of liver.

All the above are natural techniques to keep your liver healthy.
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