* Drinking a lot of water will help the clean your colon. You will get a lot of disease if you have constipation problems. Water will ease the digestion process and will aid in colon cleaning.
* More fruits and vegetables should be taken in the raw form. Cooked vegetables will not have the nutrients as that present in raw vegetables.
* Your diet is very important if you have constipation problems. Eat food that cab be digested easily. But avoid over cooked food, they will not contain the essential nutrients and vitamins.
* Include more cereals in your diet. Try to have high cereal containing food items for your break fast. They contain more rough content that will aid in cleaning your stomach.
* Avoid the excessive intake of coffee and tea. Soft drinks are also not very good for your stomach.
* Add foods that are rich in antioxidants. They are good for in avoiding the constipation problems.
* Essential oils can be used to prepare your food. They are safe to use and will avoid the problems in your colon.
* Herbal medicines that will aid in cleaning the colon is another method. Herbal medicines are safe to use. They are very effective also.
* You should avoid dairy products if you have problem in your stomach. These products will block your colon and will create many other diseases.
* Pure sea salt can be mixed in pure water and can be consumed if you have problems with constipation.
* Psyllium husk can be mixed with pure water and can be used to clean your colon. This is a good laxative agent which will help in cleaning the colon.
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