Read this article for detailed information on the various useful tips that will help businesses choose the right theme for their Magento E-Commerce stores. Hire Magento developer in Sydney for the best services in this field.  

For steady progress and development of one’s E-Commerce website, it is necessary that the owner makes the right choice of theme, templates and design for their website. However, the decision of choosing the right theme for e-commerce is often a difficult task. To draw more customers every day, it is indispensable to implement the perfect designer theme which will boost the conversion rate of the store, turning it into wholesome revenue.  

The platform of Magento is packed with extreme features and functionalities which help in driving immense business growth. It has multiple themes which change the outlook of these digital businesses. However, when it comes to finding and picking the right one, one has to overcome certain challenges. Below mentioned are several tips which one can follow for the best results.  


1. Searching for a rational look

One cannot simply deny that visual effect matters. It is what forms the first vital impression in the eyes of the customers. Besides checking whether the theme one chooses is compatible with the latest version of Magento. It should also define the purpose of the store. If the store is selling handmade products, a rustic theme will be most suitable. One can try a modern, contemporary outlook with retail stores. The theme should have bold colours with a hint of subtlety. Nowadays the pastel colour game is extremely strong.  

One should not rely too much on the theme too. If there are various types of products, a touch of customisation looks very appealing. One can best figure out their necessities by handling demo sites to see whether a particular theme represents their website adequately.  


2. Going for user-friendliness

The success of an E-Commerce website depends largely on the user-friendliness of the theme. It should be convenient for usage by the customers. One should always go for intuitive themes that attract more consumers henceforth. The theme should allow easy navigation, a shopping cart that will allow smooth purchase and transaction, auto-hide menu panel, back to top button and more.  

Once the merchant implements a complex theme, it will automatically drive customers away from the store. Using a compatible theme with complete elements of user-friendliness ensures that the customers get an interactive feeling when navigating through the website.  


3. Space for banners 

There is no E-Commerce store which goes without promotional banners or advertisements. Hence, when it comes to Magento development, one should choose the right theme which provides adequate space for banners and ads. This is an important consideration when it comes to layout implementation. A good placement of all the promotional banners means positive feedback from the customers. 


4. Customisation

The Magento based E-Commerce themes allow for complete customisation. The store can tailor and customise it according to their requirement and also the purpose of the brand. One can personalise their website by using a practical tool which can customise the colour play, fonts etc. When one is investing in the Magento theme, one should get adequate options to design it according to their own choice.  


5. SEO compatibility

Another significant consideration is that the Magento theme should be compatible with the features of SEO. The e-commerce Magento theme should be made of standard coding so that it appears compelling in the eyes of the search engine ranking robot. It should also exhibit complete compatibility with the different website browsers. It is a complete waste of money if the theme does not function in popular web browsers.  

Check the compatibility of the theme with Magento tools. Besides choosing a theme which is methodical, simple and organised, SEO friendliness is important.   


6. Mobilising the site

Since the Magento E-Commerce stores grow extensively and progress almost every day at a rapid pace, one should mobilise their store which will boost up the business and the sales. A responsive theme will enable consumers to do their required task at convenience. It is important that one goes for responsive themes which are highly functional.  One should also ensure that the Magento theme allows connectivity to the different social media platforms. A practical Magento e-commerce store should be available with different social settings so that the shoppers can get updated about all the latest developments.

Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is an experienced Magento developer working with a leading company named PHPProgrammers. The author has written this article to help the businesses choose the right theme for their Magento E-Commerce store.