Selecting the correct size dumpster is essential to keep your project on track and budget. If you choose a large container, it will take up valuable workspace while choosing a small one, and overloading it might incur additional fees. So, when trying to choose the right dumpster rental Dallas for your project, there are a lot of things to keep in mind such as the type of waste, the amount of waste, the weight, and your budget. DFW Roll Off is a reliable dumpster rental service provider in Dallas and will help you choose the right size.

Here Is A Simple Guide To Choosing The Right Size Dumpster.

Look at the Size

The first thing you need to look at before renting a dumpster is to find the right size you need. One of the crucial mistakes people make is, order the wrong size. As said earlier, if you choose a large container it will take up workspace as well as cost you more. Paying for an only half-filled dumpster makes no sense.

Dumpster sizes at a glance:

15-yard dumpsters – This one is great if you are working on a smaller project like a bathroom remodel, room clean-outs, or to throw away materials such as shingles, dirt, or concrete. Renting a 15-yard roll-off dumpster makes it easy to remove waste.

20-yard dumpster – This one is the most popular size as it suits a variety of projects and holds a large amount of debris. It is also more cost-effective as compared to large size dumpsters. This size suits for room remodels deck removal, garage or basement clean-outs, and large landscaping jobs.

30-yard dumpster – This size is suitable for large scale projects like new home construction, garage demolition, pool removals, whole-home clean-outs, and deck removal larger than 400 square feet. A 30-yard dumpster can hold up to 9 truckloads of waste and debris.

 40-yard dumpster – This one is the biggest size and is suitable for building demolition, major home remodel, commercial building clean-outs, or a major addition. A 40-yard dumpster is a simple waste management solution for contractors and property owners alike.

 Type of Waste

Another important thing is to look at the type of waste. Many dumpster rental service providers don’t allow certain materials to throw. Also, depending on what you will be dumping, the weight is another factor. Dumping big items will cost more. The best way to determine your cost would be to inquire with the dumpster company as to the exact nature of materials you will be disposing of. This will help you choose the right size as well as save a lot of money.

Know the Law

When you are cleaning your home there are certain things you can’t dispose of. It is against the law to dispose of hazardous waste. This includes certain chemical products, oil filters, radioactive materials, certain solvents, paint, and other flammable liquids. Also, you can't dispose of batteries, mattresses and box springs, railroad ties, wood, ink and resin, contaminated material, household garbage, partially filled aerosol cans, propane tanks, antifreeze, electronics, medical waste, dead animals, and industrial drums and waste.

 Negotiate the price

When choosing a dumpster for your project, it is good to negotiate the price. Also, don’t be embarrassed to ask about special discount pricing as commercial contractors do it, so why can't you. Some dumpster rental Dallas service providers offer discounts which you won't hear about. So, it is good to ask and get a discount to save some cash.

These are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right size dumpster for your project. If you are still unsure what dumpster rental type and size is right for your project, DFW Roll Off team is here to help you. Call them at 817-369-3068 today and get the right advice on choosing the right dumpster size.

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