It can be quite tricky planning for a baby. There are a lot of options for all sorts of items. Cot mattresses also fall in this very category! Here’s all what you should know about baby mattresses so that you can choose the right one for your little one. We have put together many types of mattresses which you can lay your hands on. There are simply a lot of choices and in the end it is you who will have to decide so read carefully on.
Some of the pre-requisites of a good and comfortable mattress are:

i. It must be firm and not too soft.
ii. It must be free from wear and tear.
iii. It must not sag.

So keeping these factors in mind, we shall look at the various types of mattresses available in and around the market and you can buy cots online too
1. Foam Mattresses:
They are the cheapest mattresses and are designed so that your baby is in the most perfect posture. Ventilation holes present in these mattresses help to keep the babycool.
• Non-bulky and light in weight
• Not too difficult to clean it
• It gives a good support to the baby

• It starts losing its shape over the course of time.
• Dirt and spots are difficult to remove from these mattresses.
• It makes you feel clammy in warm weather.

2. Coil Spring Mattresses:
They have a coiled spring inside with many layers of foam. They have a cover made up of cotton on one side and a PVC coating on the other side.

• The cotton cover can be used in hot weather to prevent your baby from getting clammy.
• This type of mattress is a traditional form of mattress and quite famous among parents.
• They are quite a bit expensive and costly than the foam mattresses.
• The cotton side, though comfortable, can be quite difficult to keep clean and requires lot of maintenance.

3. Pocketed Spring Mattresses:
They are sometimes considered as a form of coil spring mattresses. The only difference is that every spring has its own pocket so that it gets support for longer.

• These mattresses do not wear out easily and are pretty long-lasting.
• They provide a very good support to the baby.

• It does not give a good value for money unless and until more than one baby is going to use the mattress.
• It is not quite in fashion due to its expensive nature.

4. Hypoallergenic Mattresses:
If your baby is suffering from any allergy or asthmatic situation then hypoallergenic mattresses should be your best bet. The quilted top layer can be detached and allows the user to wash it at 60 C which in turn kills all the dust and mites.

• Best option if your child is allergic.
• It is very easy to clean and maintain easily.

• It is costlier than other mattresses so it is a cost-friendly product.
• This is a luxurious option for rich parents.
These were the various types of mattresses. Now let us look into what precautions one must take while buying your baby’s mattress.

1. Too soft may not always be the best option:
It is a natural assumption that a nice soft mattress would be the best thing for your precious baby, but that’s not always the truth. Mattresses which are too soft are good enough to increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This because if a baby rolls on to their tummy, and the mattress is too soft or has wave-like surface grooves, then they can face breathing problems.
So looking for a mattress that’s firm is of prime importance for you if you want your baby to remain healthy.

2. The size of the mattress must match the cot:
You should not be using or buying a mattress of any size, however attractive or cheap it might be. Mattresses which are too small in size and those which exceed the size limit, are dangerous for your baby. If the mattress is small, there is a risk of suffocation while if it is bigger, it bunches up, making it very simple for your baby to climb out of the cot.

3. The thickness of the cot must be optimum:
Mattress manufacturers usually specify the right thickness of the mattress. The distance from the mattress’s top to the top of the lowest side must not be less than 50cm. This is an important factor as it affects both the comfort and the status of your back.
So now you’re good to go! We have covered almost every aspect that you need to look into while looking for a mattress. These were some really handy tips that you can employ to select the best mattress for your baby so that you can ensure that your little one has a really comfortable and pain-free experience in his cot.

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