The number of people who are interested in these magical weighted blankets increases significantly. Since there are so many weighted blankets out there, so it could be very confusing for you to choose the vest and most appropriate for you. With so many options out there, how do you pick up yours?

Important things you need to know before buying a weighted blanket

1. Weight

As the name implies, a weighted blanket has to do with heaviness. The main concept of weighted blankets is to exert some amount of pressure on the body. Since weight matters most, so you must buy a weighted blanket that has proportional weight with your body posture and age. If your blanket is too heavy then it won't do any good for your body. Just imagine when someone hugs you so tightly. What will you feel? Are you feeling comfortable? Of course not. Instead, you will feel irritated and stressful. The purpose of wearing a weighted blanket is to allow you experiencing a warm hug that can make your brain relax so that you can have a good night's sleep.

2. Size

Many people do not pay attention to the size details when it comes to buying blankets. If it is ordinary blankets, then it is perfectly okay. But this concept doesn't imply a weighted blanket. You might ignore the importance of sizes. But the truth is, the sizes of weighted blankets influence the effectiveness level of their performances and works on your bodies. Your weighted blanket should cover all your body or at least from neck to your feet. If it is too big then your blanket will hang over your bed which is bad because it can slide off the bed.

3. Cover

A weighted blanket is indeed quite heavy. You will spend extra energy on washing it. Unlike other types of blankets, weighted blankets usually can be covered. In order not to make your life complicated and over-burdened with washing this heavy stuff, it is a great idea that you buy a weighted blanket with removable covers. The purpose of a cover is not only to lessen your burden of washing it, but it controls temperature.

4. Types of filler

In order to buy the right weighted blanket, you must know some common types of materials used as fillers. The most common weighted blankets filled with glass, plastics, and beads. The latter is considered to be the best material that can aid you to have a good sleep during the night. As of now, weighted blankets with beads fillers are the most desired ones. Quality fillers will help your blankets last longer and you can use them comfortably. In terms of prices, blankets with plastic pellets are cheaper.

In order to buy a good and suitable blanket, you need to buy the one that made from the best quality materials.

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