When you are suddenly diagnosed with cancer, the world around you falls apart. So many paranoid thoughts, fears, anxiety about what will happen to you, and how you shall be coping up with everything tear every bit of you. The doctor who diagnosed that you have cancer will refer you to an oncologist who has done his specialization in curing cancer. Finding the best oncologist in India who you think can cure you can be a task. But once you are at his doorstep, he will make you realize that you are in safe hands and will influence every aspect of your life so that you never feel that you are fighting the disease all alone. Here are some great tips which you can keep in mind while choosing the best oncologist for your cancer treatment.

  1. Make sure you find the doctor who has a specialization in the type of cancer you have. Research about his background, years of experience, and how many cases he has handled along with the success rate. The plan of treatment, the procedures on whether you should undergo surgery or can be clinically treated through medications, radiations, or chemotherapy, will be decided and advised by him. He must be someone who you can bank upon. 
  2. Discuss different oncologists in India with people close to you. Talk to people who have already survived the type of cancer you have. They can give you reviews about the ways of treatments and medications a particular doctor follows, which will, in turn, make your choices easier. 
  3. Remember, battling cancer not takes away your physical strength but also drains you financially. Before settling for one oncologist, make sure his fees are reasonable, the treatment cost he is proposing is feasible to you, and the doctor, along with the hospital, is accepting your health insurance. You can also find different oncologists under the list of doctors in your health insurance brochure
  4. Settle for the doctor whom you can reach out in case of emergency all through the week, across the year. The treatment process is long and painful, and you may require assistance anytime. The doctor should be able to handle such an emergency scenario. 
  5. Proper certificates of higher and specialized degree is a must. But make sure the doctor understands your emotional needs, supports you during the hard times which you have to undergo as part of the treatment process, and makes you believe that you can pull over through the period. 
  6. Before appointing an oncologist, finally, make sure you meet all the staff like nurses, technicians, or officers who will take care of you while you will be treated. It is extreme;y vital for you to be comfortable with the doctor and his team. Make sure the doctor answers all the questions you or your family may have.

Keep in mind the above tips, and you will find the best oncologist in India to treat you so that you get absolutely cured in a while with proper medications!

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