Are you planning to shift your house from one location to the other in the US? If yes, then you might be searching to hire the best moving company that can make your shifting process more comfortable.

Moving to a new house is exciting. But it is quite challenging as well. It may turn out to be the worst experience if you do not do proper planning before shifting to a new place.

Choosing the Best Moving Company

With plenty of options available, choosing the best moving company is quite a challenging task. Usually, it depends on certain factors such as time, the amount you are willing to spend, and the complexity of the move.

To make your process of selecting the best moving company easier, we have shared a few tips that you should keep in mind while choosing the best moving companies in the US.

So, carefully follow the tips listed below before choosing the best moving company in the US.

1. Read their Reviews Online

Reading reviews of the previous customers is the best way to segregate options for yourself. If the company has an online presence, then check for the reviews that other clients have left for them. Read the feedback of the previous customers carefully.

You can find the company's reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Google, Facebook page, or Yelp. Prefer to select a company that has an overall rating of more than four stars.

2. Make Sure that the Company Prepares an Inventory

While selecting a company, make sure that the company prepares a proper inventory of your belongings. They should adequately weigh the items in the best possible manner.

Their estimator must check storage places, including bookcases, drawers, garages, and cupboards. Weighing is necessary because the weight of your stuff will determine the price of your move. Do understand these estimates carefully to avoid possible troubles

3. Get a Thorough Walk-Through

Before finalizing the company, go through their working pattern through an estimator. The company will provide an estimator who will perform a walk-through instantly. The estimator will estimate the fare based on the locations, moving date, the weight of the items, and other such factors.

So, be prepared to answer any questions that the estimator asks you regarding the location, items, and transportation process.

4. Check Out that for How Long has the Company been in Business

Experience counts. The company's previous experience depicts its ability to deliver each time.

Check out for how long has the company been in business? If they have a good track record along with a certain number of years in business, then you can somehow trust them.

Otherwise, look for alternate options.

5. Ask for Recommendations from Family and Friends

While looking for the best moving company, ask for recommendations from your family and friends. There is quite a possibility that any one of them might have experienced shifting with that particular company, and they may either recommend you or ask you to stay away from them.

Furthermore, you can also ask your movers to provide references. Get the list of their customers in your area. Ask direct questions from these people and request them to share their experiences with that company.

6. Discuss the Pricing Details Carefully

The company may demand an additional fee if you wish to transfer the language to the upper story of your new house. Moreover, if you are living or relocating to a narrow street, movers will have to put extra effort to handle the luggage with care.

Consequently, you can expect an additional surcharge to transfer your belongings. So, make sure to clear all the details to them and ask about extra fees for a particular situation before you start moving.

7. Don't Choose a Company that is Working with Different Names

Never select a moving company that is working with different names. Some companies operate under several names. They do so to avoid the assessment of BBB (Better Business Bureau).

So, if you suspect anything is wrong, then search the company with a local address. Also, check their insurance and licensing information.

Employees working in that particular company must answer each phone with their complete business name. That’s how you can avoid scammers.


Shifting house is exciting but comes up with many challenging tasks. So, when you plant to choose the best moving company to shift your luggage, keep in mind the tips described above so that you can avoid any trouble.

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