Link-Building Strategy forms the core of any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Earlier, it was easier to get ranks for the desired set of keywords by building thousand of links with exact match anchor text. However, spammy/bulk link building has gone for a toss since the advent of Google Panda, Penguin and the recent Penguin 2.0.

SEO professionals need to build some update proof and panic-proof link building strategies. For this, one needs to focus on the below mentioned tips:

- Don’t Try to Catch the Google Algorithms: It is wise to stop chasing Google Algorithm as there are no chances to get the heck of it. Instead, one should focus on getting more traffic to create a better link building strategy.

-Identify the target pages in websites carefully: Choosing appropriate landing pages against the desired set of keywords is a demanding job. A common faux pas most SEO professionals make is to always linking to homepage when link building. It is hence advised to wisely select the web-pages.

-Avoid Exact match anchor text : Google has become more alert to figure out which particular keyword relates the best to the content, so it is highly recommended to use generic phrases like, “learn more here”,” read more here”, as anchor text. Strictly refrain from using keywords like “go to this link”, “go to this website” etc as anchor text.

-Create Likeable Content: Good quality content is the safest bet to play and it is the most natural and efficient form of SEO.

-Focus on Quality Link Building: It is a thumb rule to create quality links. Don’t use mass directory submissions. Google has already started penalizing directories and so they are no more the reliable sources for backlinks.

- Leverage all Social Media Platforms, especially Google+ : Publishing the content on social media platforms increases the reach and visibility of the content. SEO gets an advantage over all likes, shares, retweets , repins etc.

-Get Google+ profile: It is very well evident that Google+ dominates all social platforms. Using Google + will boost the keyword rankings.

-Going Social is always good to do: There are abundant social media websites available which are free to sign up and creating a profile. Creating social media profiles to get back links is necessary.

Apart from these, creating a good blog that attracts natural links to the content is the most preferred way.

Creating Powerpoint presentations, multimedia and document submissions help as it gets a link in return for each submission. Also participating in questions and answers on sites like Yahoo, Quora and Wiki Answers get desired traffic to the website.

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