When you plan to travel to a new country or city, you are sure to experience something new. The culture, food, clothing, and way of living of any two places cannot be same, at least not in a heterogeneous country like India. It is always an enriching experience to learn the new culture, which you inadvertently do even when you don’t do it consciously. Learn the following tips to make new friends from new cultures and know more about them.

Research before leaving

You can try to find out about the culture of the new land you wish to explore before you leave home. Even if you have a slight know-how about the traditions of the place, you will be able to blend more with the people. You can ask innovative questions to the locals that most tourists do not even have in their mind. Listen to the music, know about the local foods, and watch the clothing of the people. It will give you a great idea about the lives of the locals.

Get regular things done

When you are at a new place, the everyday things take place in a different manner. You can buy bread from any mom-and-pop store in India, but it is a completely new experience when you do the same in Uzbekistan, Israel, or Italy. When you want to courier a gift to someone from Mumbai, it is easy for you because you are an Indian, but you will have to struggle a lot when you do the same in japan. When you want to hire an Innova for hire for self drive in Chennai, you can simply book it from any mobile application, but you may need to provide several documents for the same in the USA. Despite all the challenges that you face to do regular things on a foreign land, you will recount them as unforgettable experiences. Such errands also give a chance to interact with the locals and befriend them.

Alternative accommodations

You may certainly want to stay in a plush hotel that gives every possible facility to its guests. However, if you truly want to experience the culture of the land, you must choose homestays or hostels for your stay. When you get to live with the locals, you get a flavor of their actual life. In Ladakh, for example, you will get to realize the challenges of the daily lives of the local people right inside their homes. People born and brought up in the mountains are highly welcoming in their conduct and you will rarely find anyone being rude to you. Hostels are also a great place to meet new people who may already know about the city or town you are visiting, even if that means compromising a bit on the comforts.

Attend a festival

Although it is a great idea to participate in a local festival in any country, it is still better to know about it beforehand so that you do not feel disappointed for any reason whatsoever. The Gion Matsuri festival in Japan, for example, is an unforgettable experience for everyone. However, the new year’s day called Nyepi day according to the Balinese calendar, the Bali island turns off all sounds and lights, ceases all traffic, abandons all worldly activities just to focus on meditation, while complete serenity and silence sways over the entire island. Some people may appreciate this gesture of the local people, but a traveler with limited days on his itinerary may not find it appealing to stay locked in the hotel room without electricity or TV. You can surely enjoy the festivals of a new place depending on your taste, and know a lot about the new culture.

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