1. Venue

Sangeet function is a common function that both the bride’s and the groom’s family attends so you should select your venue keeping that in mind.to, start with the The location of the banquet hall should be convenient to both parties. If both the bride and groom's side are contributing, then decisions need to be taken after discussion and on an agreement of both sides. Consider the space available at the venue before booking. There should be enough free space for dancing and seating arrangements for those who would like to sit and watch only.

2. Dance
Prepare a list of all those who you think will dance. Some may require some convincing but do encourage them. Selecting the right song is important. You could make the show more exciting by following a theme or using props or put up a funny act out of the love story of the couple your family members and friends. The dances could be solo or group performances. Towards the end, The dance of the bride and groom should be the highlight of the day. Place it towards the end just before the entire family comes onto the stage.

3. Choreographer

nowadays many families prefer hiring choreographers than asking their cousins to get the performances ready or doing it by themselves. Choreographers can assist you with putting up a great show for your family. If you are getting married during ‘wedding season’, it would be wise to book your choreographer as early as possible as the good ones get booked soon. Start practicing your dance moves at least a few weeks prior to the Sangeet.

4. Music
Music is the soul of this event hence should be given the most importance. You can hire a DJ for the event or have your own collection of carefully selected songs played. The advantage of having a DJ is that he can play music for your guests to dance freely and enjoy even after the choreographed performances are over. This way, those who didn’t get a chance to perform on stage, can have a good time too. The professional DJ plays music that can be enjoyed by those who are dancing as well as those who just listening.

5. Decor
Select a theme for you banquet hall and decorate it that way. Drapes, artificial flowers, fairy lights, bright carpets, bangles, and numerous other things can be used for decorating the function hall. It depends on your theme but generally a Sangeet function is associated with fun and liveliness so choose the themes accordingly. Make use of bright colors and plenty of lights.

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