Introduction to the Issue
Despite the fact that today t shirts are a common wardrobe item in every ones closet, it is still uncommon for many men and women alike to understand the proper way of wearing it. T shirt is an article of clothing that if worn properly, can cater to any casual, semi-formal or formal gathering.

Not Everyone Looks Bad
You might have seen many celebrities or business men or even normal persons wearing t shirts at formal or semi-casual occasions without anyone complaining about how bad they might be looking or how inappropriate it is to the occasion dress code. But instead, people adore their style and dressing sense. One reason is undoubtedly their confidence. Other is the way they carry a totally informal piece of clothing combined with some formal attire to make it look great at that event.

Find the Right Fit
One common mistake is the fact that most men and women don’t exactly know their body type and shape and hence they end up wearing a t shirt that doesn’t fit them. If price is an issue, remember that not every t shirt you like or fits you will be expensive or hard to find. Just look out for some nice stores with good sales staff and they will help you in buying t shirts that goes well with your body. Some of these stores might be having some kind of sale as well.

Look Around to Learn
Another important point to note is to take a look around at how people actually wear t shirts. In the second paragraph of this article when I say ‘you might have seen’, its not just about seeing at others, it’s about learning from their dressing styles. Copying others can help you develop a nice and decent t shirt wearing style of your own.

Online Searching for Style Guides
If you still don’t get well on deciding which t shirt styles suit you or whether you look good or not when wearing a particular t shirt, search around the internet for some cool fashion tips. Look at some fashion shoots of models wearing t shirts in casual, semi-casual, or formal attires. One good thing about looking at internet for t shirt wearing style guide would be that you can type in your body features in search terms and search engine will get you filtered and specific results. For example, you are tall, short, fat, straight, thin, weak, muscular, even your skin color, hair style, etc.

Ask your Peers
Another time saving and easy to approach method is to look around your workplace, or among your friends circle. Ask some fashion geek friends or colleagues for suggestions on what t shirt type they think might suit you. Observe how the people you work and spend your time with wear t shirts in different social settings. For example, how some colleague wore t shirt at some office event or on weekends at office or your friends wearing t shirts at bar or some party, or for the morning walk, or evening stroll in the park, for workout at gym, etc.

Learn by Observing
Remember that few things are better learned by observing than by asking. Copying others is not bad as long as you think that what you copy looks good on you too. Simply copying someone else’s style because they look smart in those clothes doesn’t necessarily mean that you will look smart too. Think well before adopting a new style.

Your Style Speaks
And with age and experience, you might have realized till now that the way you dress up speaks a lot about you, your body, your wearing sense, etc. Before you even speak, your attire has already spoken to introduce you. What you wear and the way you wear at office, some event or gathering is a way on how people perceive you. If they perceive you well, they will feel comfortable around you and give you confidence. But the opposite of it will keep your confidence level distracted. If all the time you are worried at what people are thinking about your attire, you will lose focus on important things.

Experimenting is Good + Bonus
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