Luxury jewelry brands have to be consistently amazing with their product collection and signature packaging. High-end Jewelry stores make the most of their packaging boxes for making their brand name worth remembering with the customers.
Newbie jewelry designer outlets utilize boxes for rings, pendants, and bracelets to create hype for their new collection. On festive occasions, themed packaging is used by jewelry stores to make their pieces more gripping for the onlookers.
Boxes for jewelry are avidly utilized for displaying wedding, casual, formal and other product range. The packaging comes in handy for safely storing the bangles, rings, and earrings from getting dull due to moisture and other factors.
Designer jewelry stores use packaging for creating distinguished affinity for their business. They make their collection worth liking with shoppers by showcasing the pieces in the finest boxes during exhibitions and shows. Custom product boxes wholesale for jewelry items are a cost-effective way to pitch, promote and hand them over to prospective buyers.
If you have a luxury jewelry store, customizing packaging according to the latest trends will make your collection talk of the town. You should get an overview of the latest printing trends to ensure your packaging stands out. If you have a trustworthy printer, ask for assistance and suggestions on adding a classy appeal to packaging.
Here are some tips to assist you with personalizing packaging!
Artwork of Jewelry Boxes should be Creatively Compelling
If you want to flaunt diamond studs, pearl necklaces, and ruby ring entrancingly, you need boxes that are striking and gripping. When getting the design customized for boxes that you intend to use for displaying and handing over jewelry, make sure to use artwork details that are winsome. You don’t have to use cluttered text, just a logo and tagline will do. For the boxes that are used for additional protection, you can use images and more text to define your brand and product concept.
Packaging for Jewelry should be Long Lasting
Jewelry pieces are stored in the boxes, so you need to make sure that the printing material used in packaging is durable enough to protect the metal brilliance and luster of stones for years. If you don’t know much about the commonly used stocks and finishing options, discuss it with your printing service provider. Usually, inserts and cushions are used inside the jewelry boxes for providing ultimate protection to the pieces. These should be printed according to the box size, you can also have storage pouches inserted within the packaging to make it convenient for the consumers to store and carry the jewelry conveniently.
The Boxes should have your Branding and Contact Details
Packaging for jewelry should be customized with branding and contact information of an outlet. You should have your phone number, website address, email and other details printed on the boxes to make it easier for the shoppers to get in touch with you. If you have an e-store and social media presence, sharing the information with potential customers through packaging is likely to make your products noticeable. If for instance, you regularly update your jewelry pieces on Instagram, share the profile info on the packaging.

Packaging should be Worth Keeping

For luxury jewelry brands it is important to offer worth keeping packaging solutions to the shoppers. The boxes, bags and protection pouches should all be of the finest quality. You should consider these items a memento of your business that will keep the customers coming back to you. Have a look at the available material options that can be used for adding gift like and luxurious appeal to the boxes and bags. You can ask for advice from the printer to provide you with options based on your inclinations.
Impressionville has expertise in providing personalized packaging services to jewelry and all other retailers. The digital printing service provider has a client-centric approach and offers businesses result-oriented printing and packaging products.
Lid boxes are the commonly used packaging style for jewelry items but you can explore other preferences. If you have a die-cut shape that you want for displaying jewelry pieces, discuss the possibility with the printer. Having ribbon, bows, paper flowers and other accessories attached to jewelry gift boxes will make them scintillating. You can use the boxes for promoting your flash sales and offers, for instance, if you are giving a special discount on diamond pendants on Mother’s Day, use packaging to market the offer.
Care instructions should be printed in minimal words on the boxes as most of the metals and stones lose their brilliance if not packaged properly. Rings and earrings that have more stones should be placed in boxes that provide them support, especially during handling and travel. You can make your jewelry brand story worth reading for the shoppers by having it briefly printed on the boxes.

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