Putting your home on the market can be stressful, regardless of your location. It’s important to keep your house presentable at all times, but week after week of showings, the pressure of preparing everything at the last moment notice can get to you. According to real estate expert Haysha Deitsch, the best approach is getting a head jump and selling your house or apartment before your listing grows old. In order for your property to sell quickly, it needs to show well, be marketed well, and priced correctly.

The preparation process involves a wide range of activities, from photographing the space and touring customers to complex activities such as dealing with architectural solutions like conversion or remodeling of the spaces, to smaller or bigger renovations. Here, Haysha Deitsch offers some of his expert advice on how to present your property in the best way, and speed up the sale process.

We all know that there is no second chance for a first impression. As a seller, you need to consider what potential buyers could think as they drive up to your property for the very first time. You can start by walking out and looking at your real estate property and its shortcomings. This way you can see for yourself what’s attractive about it, whether it’s clean, well-kept, or does it need maintenance. Sometimes it’s hard to see your home objectively, especially if you’ve been living there for a long time. In that case, Mr. Deitsch recommends asking for a second opinion or a suggestion from a professional, a friend, or even a prospective buyer.

It’s important that your lawn is mowed and your landscaping is well-groomed. Your driveway, porches, and exterior walls need to be clean as well. It may take some time of your schedule, but Brent Carrier guarantees that the effort of cleaning up the outside of your home will eventually bring more buyers interested to take a tour of the inside as well.

Most customers are the visual type, which means that the first contact they have with a property is directly through photos. In those photos, the buyer wants to see the potential of the space. Depersonalizing your home can help the client to envision his future life in that space. It would be ideal to move out before the sale, but as most sellers are not able to do so, Haysha suggests to get adapted to the situation.

Get rid of all the unnecessary things you don’t use or you don’t need, and start to declutter your space. You can ask a family member or a friend to keep those things for some time, or you can also rent a storage unit. The last step of depersonalizing the property is by removing family photos, art collectibles or personal belongings of any kind, and create a soothing space that allows buyers to visualize their own families in that home. Try to make your home a clean, welcoming, blank canvas and buyers will visually paint their own dreams upon.

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