Youtube is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world right now. For those of you who don’t know Youtube is a video-sharing website and was created in February of 2005 in America. Right now it’s the most popular and famous website in the world after Google which is the main searching engine of the century. With Youtube, every single person is allowed to upload videos, watch any kind of content, comment, like, and report different comments, etc. The website offers a huge variety of music videos, TV shows, movie trailers, audio recordings, educational videos and has created a stage for upcoming celebrities called influencers. Influencers also referred to as YouTubers are people who create interesting and original content for their viewers called subscribers. For most of the successful influencers, Youtube has become their main source of income and career.

They have become the new generation of celebrities of the 21st century, they have fans just like other famous people, are followed by paparazzi daily, and live a luxurious life everyone has dreamt of at least once in their lifetime.

Research in 2017 showed that there are over 400 hours of content being uploaded on Youtube every minute of every single day and one billion hours of content is being watched right now as you’re reading this article. Everyone has a chance and an ability to become an instant influencer but the main thing you need to succeed is the right amount of subscribers, likes on your videos, an Adsense account, and a will to become a profitable member of the community. There are many different ways on how to turn a social media platform into a real paying job: you can buy Youtube likes, ask friends to share your videos with their acquaintances, improve your editing skills, and so on. The following tips will help you to make your Youtube associated dreams come true and give freedom to your imagination.

1. You need to have at least 1000 subscribers on your personal Youtube channel

You might think that 1000 subscribers are a lot but if you are a hard-working, determined, and goal-oriented person it can be quite easy to hit that target. People love watching original and inspirational content. With this number of followers, you will also need 4000 hours of watch time on your videos over the last year, we know this might sound frightening but having live Streams and posting as many videos as possible can be a very beneficial tip. But keep in mind, if you delete any of your previously uploaded videos the views and likes are going to get deleted too.

2. Follow every rule youtube has listed for monetization

Youtube has listed rules on how to become a monetized account on the platform. It can be extremely easy for you to get a paycheck if you keep following every rule and keep every small detail in mind. The rules consist of guidelines such as to enable two-step verification for your Google account, have only one Adsense, have at least 1000 subscribers, avoid using offensive words or nudity in your videos, and so on.

3. Pay attention to copyright policies

Copyrighted materials have been a huge issue in the Youtube community for ages. It mainly means using someone else’s work without their approval and using it for your success. Fortunately, youtube doesn’t want people to do that and has strong rules and punishment for accounts who validate this law. This issue can have many accounts demonetized and banned from entering the Youtube partnering program. The biggest problem comes from people using other artists songs as their video soundtracks without singers approval or their labels permission, but this policy can have huge benefit for the content creator as well, because this rule allows you to be independent and original creator and be completely sure that your hard work and ideas are safe on your account

4.Link a Google Adsense account with your Youtube channel.

Adsense is a simple and very important program that delivers ads created by Google Ads to your account and site. It’s a very beneficial way to get your channel famous and get many people to notice your work. It’s also a great way for Youtube and Google to pay you because the more people press on the advertisement they see the more successful you are. Also, you have every right to connect as many channels and accounts as you want to one Adsense account and get the paychecks coming. You can start blogging website also, and write for us guest post theme for another source.

Even though Youtube and Youtubers have faced criticism from people all over the world, it remains one of the most wanted and interesting jobs for people of all ages. Everyone agrees that being a content creator allows us to connect with others everywhere, anytime, and share our point of view and artwork with the whole planet.

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