You probably don’t think a lot about the network of water and drainage pipes inside your home that deliver hot and cold water and help your garden, eliminate waste, and more easily. But pipes like any other fitting you have in your home also need care and maintenance and a little regular attention can prolong their lifespan, prevent leaks and avoid costly repairs. Here are a couple of tips on caring for the pipes in your home.

Avoid harsh chemical cleaning products
Clogged drains are quite common and nowadays you can easily get chemical products to clear them, but these products can actually harm the pipes and erode cast-iron drain pipes. Most times they don’t completely unclog the pipe and this may cause you to use more chemicals that eat away at the inside of the pipes causing damage and in the long run, leaks. In this case, it is better to call a professional who can remove the chunk of grease, food, or even other elements that have been blocking the pipe, you can even get a few tools at your local hardware store to clean the drain yourself.

Preventing your pipes from clogging
Clogs are not only annoying but they can add pressure to your pipes and stress them out causing their lifespan to get shorter. Always throw your food, waste, or anything else in the garbage and avoid it going down the drain to prevent plug-ups. Installing screens over drains, pipes, and more will allow any build-ups to be caught before it goes down the drain so you can easily catch it. Most elements when poured down the drain cools and becomes solid and this can plug up your drain causing it not to work anymore.

Reducing the pressure
High pressure water can be great when watering your plants, crops, taking a shower, and more but it can cause a leak owing to the fact that it stresses out your pipes. It makes your pipe joints, and agricultural pipes and fittings valves work harder. Most hardware stores will provide you with a water pressure gauge that you can attach to your pipe or get a plumber to install it and this will help you reduce the pipe pressure.

Soften the water
If your water had a high mineral content (hard water) it can harm your pipes and the naturally occurring minerals build up inside your pipes and restrict the flow and the pressure, they can also corrode joints and fittings and form a white build up on showerheads and faucets. The only way to deal with hard water effectively is by installing a water softener that uses sodium to counteract the minerals in your water. A professional plumber will have to install this and you will need a nearby outlet close to the power unit. This will give you cleaner drinking water and reduce the stress placed on your pipes.

The Takeaway
A few other things you can do to keep your pipes clean and maintained it to know where your main shut-off valve is so if there is a leak you can quickly turn it off. Add pipe insulation if required to the cold parts of your home like garages, basements, and crawl spaces and always fix problems quickly by calling a professional even for a small leak so you can nip mold, corroding pipes, and water damage in the bud. Taking the extra time to do this will not only help your pipes to remain durable and long-lasting but you will always have clean water flowing through your home.

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