There are those of us who have become obsessed with synthetic pills that manufacturers say increase stamina in bed. Use of these synthetic pills has shown that they have often an opposite impact!. So, for those men who are wondering how to increase stamina in bed, it is good news that there are a number of natural tips that help men to increase stamina in bed without having to worry about the side effects that come with the synthetic aphrodisiacs.

Surround yourself with red color

To begin with, color has been found by psychologists to have great impact on people’s sexual stamina. Some of us may not understand how red color plays a big role in boosting people’s sexual drive. The red color is known to increase sexual activity for both sexes. Foods and drinks that are red in color are known to positively bolster the sexual stamina of both sexes. It has however been noted that the red color has a profounder impact on the sexual vitality of men.

Reduce stress

Many sexual troubles have been found to have been caused by stress and depression. It is therefore imperative to avoid entertaining the two enemies. Stress and depression interfere with your hormonal setting and deny you the much needed sexual drive. Depression and stress will obviously affect your eating habits since they decrease your appetite. Since there are certain kinds of foods that one should eat to increase their sexual stamina, the two mean that since your appetite is diminished, then your sexual drive will also below because of your failure to eat the recommended foods.

Home made remedies

There is a special formula booster for men that help them recover their full natural sexual vitality. A mixture of top quality flower honey and ginger works miracles. Add to it some Indian saffron, some pounded cardamom, some powdered coriander, some stinging nettle seeds, put some little royal jelly, at least a spoonful of pollen, some good measure of pistachio nut, and some pine nut. Stir the mixture thoroughly. If none of the ingredients will cause allergic reactions, then take at least two spoonfuls a day. You are no doubt going to experience incredibly increased sexual vitality.

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Patrick Banks is a Berlin based dating and motivational coach. His passion is sharing his positive attitude and encouraging people to reach their highest potential to become the best versions of themselves. For weekly updates on dating, sexuality and personal developmentcheck out his Wingman Magazine.