Hypnosis can be used to undergo past life regression, though hypnosis is not an essential tool to use for past life regression. It is important to understand that hypnosis, like any other therapy, should be practised by a skilled person because if you are not qualified in the field you practise you can cause unnecessary problems. For example if you are not an expert in the therapy you practise you could unwittingly use negative language which could be damaging to your client. Of course even qualified people, such as doctors, can be bad at their job, but to be on the safe side always ask to see your therapist's qualifications.

When using hypnosis with past life regression it is a good idea to start with a guided meditation to achieve a relaxed state of mind and body. You, of course, can do Self-hypnosis, but if you are a beginner in hypnosis it would be better to have a qualified hypnotist to guide you. If you do not want to use hypnosis for past life regression, try the following guidelines and you will have positive outcomes:

1. Try not to deliberate about past life regression. Promptly answer all questions without delay. If you don't know the answer to the question, make a guess.

2. Questions that you can ask - were you a man or a woman? What kind of work did you do? What were your parents like? Place, time, and the age you died? What was the cause of your death? Etc. It is very important that you always choose the first answer that enters your head and write it down. The reason you should always go for your first answers is because it helps you listen to your intuition. Additional questions should be asked for extra details. Ensure you jot down all details provided by your unconscious mind.

3. Ask questions like - how tall were you? What was the colour and style of your past life hair? Colour of your eyes? Your skin tone? Any Identifying features? What was your clothing like? Ask as many questions as you can think of. Fascinating facts can be gotten after answering these questions.

Remember responses to the first questions are only general data and it still lacks character. Though, such material is vital for improvement when extra questions are asked. You can, later on, gain exact information such as occasion, countryside, person, etc. The sequential facets are added in the following past life regression sessions which you can ask such questions like how it happened, what about the future, and other connected questions.

It is always a good idea to focus on a certain part of your life so that you can gain more specific facts. First-person memories can now be connected with proceedings that are complete and actual.

Remember, if you don't want to use guided meditations and hypnosis you can always attempt the above method because you will not experience the trance state. You ask the questions and in an instant, you promptly, answer the questions without hesitation. Imagination can be used in this technique which means you can create stories, circumstances, and events. Work with all the material you can find. Attempt this none trance past life regression method now and see how much data you can acquire to find out more about yourself.

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Belinda Daly is a certified master practitioner in NLP, Hypnosis and TLT. She has a degree in metaphysics. She currently runs a self help and spiritual development membership site with her brother Dion.

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