Buying a wristwatch is not as difficult as you think it is. the only challenge or setback you could have is getting the right one that suit you. There are many wristwatches out there in the market today and one is likely to make the wrong decision if proper research is not in place.

We do make mistakes but you don't have to do the same other make and that is the essence for this article to give you the tips and advice needed to make the right choice whenever you find yourself in the market to get a new watch.

Confide in the expert

I was a victim of getting a wrong watch despite making series of research. I find myself going with whatever the seller says and most times, I find myself regretting such a decision. I am watch freak but i can not keep getting a wrong one.

However, the whole story changed some when I discussed my issue with a friend. We both went to the market and i was there watching while he makes the selection and surprisingly, it has all the features I desire from a watch.

So if you want to buy a watch and you don't know how to go about it, you can confide in a friend who knows how to do that. is also a place to be to get all the advice and do all the research you need on all kinds of watches.

Choose from reliable brands

Buying wristwatches from brands such as apple, Rolex and seiko can be quite expensive. Brands such as the ones mentioned has great reputation in the industry for the production of quality wristwatches.

So it is advisable that you choose from any of their products. surprisingly, there are some of their products that come very cheap and affordable. the bottomline is that you should never settle for a less quality wristwatch and one of the best places to get one is from the leading brands in the industry.

If you will be getting from any other brands, you are advised to make serious research on the products, the likely problem you are to face and how easy it is to solve it. it will be a total waste of time and resources to get a watch that is almost difficult to repair if damaged.

Check out for design and features

You should never overlook this aspect when it comes to buying wristwatch. One of the things i set my attention to is the design of the watch. Mind you, there are different types of wristwatches and and also you need to understand that some are perfect for official outing, while some are perfect for social or casual meetings.

If you need a wrist watch for official outing such as the one you will wear to your place of work, it is important that you opt for a simple wristwatch with less design. And you can opt for the one with sophisticated design for casual meetings.

Also, the features is one of the things as well to consider. Highlight the features you need from a watch and select the one that has almost everything so you have less to worry about.

Buy with guarantee

It has been an act for me to always check the user or customer warranty that comes with any product i get in the market. If you plan on getting your next watch, you should consider the warranty given by the manufacturer.

I was able to return a watch and get a new one all because i was aware from onset that it is covered under user warranty. I had to return and was given a new one after it was confirmed the fault was as a result of manufacturer defect. Therefore, if you will getting your new watch, make sure you look out for the manufacturer warranty. Most probably all watches should come with at least a year warranty.


Here are just few tips we have been able to come up with to help you in making the right choice with getting a new watch. There are many more to consider but here are some vital points or factors to consider.

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