Malaysia’s Covid-19 status is currently convincing the citizens to resume their daily activities with social distancing and proper health measures. Meantime, most of the Malaysian school students are still not allowed to go to the school as overcrowding might cause recurrence in the disease anytime, anywhere. Hence, the government has decided to allow SPM and the STPM students only to resume their syllabus as they’ll be heading to the very crucial stage of university life in a few months’ time. Here are a few tips on how to ace your SPM 2020 in Malaysia despite the struggle during the Covid-19 season.

Self-study with SPM Revision Notes.
First of all, make your revision timetable as detailed as possible before heading to the revision notes. Jotting down exactly what you want to do each day, the duration, and the regular study breaks will contribute to better critical thinking and disciplined behavior.

Also, write them yourself. Writing notes makes you review through the whole SPM topic summarised efficiently to recognize your weaker areas and seize it all in your own words. For instance, make a separate section for required definitions, experiments, and formulas with colors and diagrams. This may ease the process of memorizing important steps in subjects like SPM Physics, Mathematics, Add Maths, and Chemistry.

SPM group discussion with Peers.

When it’s done right, SPM group discussion can provide students with various benefits compared to studying alone at the last minute while burning the midnight oil. You’ll be ready to ask your friends questions about the topic that you might not have understood, and vice versa. You will also develop confidence in which you’ll strive to give the best from your part during the discussion.

Perhaps, studying alone can be boring and tiring. Subjects like SPM Sejarah or Bahasa Melayu KOMSAS in Malaysia can boost your motivation to study and avoid procrastination. Each of you and your friends can divide topics among yourselves and discover new styles of writing SPM notes.

SPM Private tuition classes in Malaysia.
Private tutors in Malaysia give one-on-one guidance to help students obtain their SPM goals. Also, they work based on the student’s flexibility. Hence, a private tutor can be your home tutor or an online tutor at the same time. Online tuition classes via an SPM tutor can provide you revision notes and also a company to study with, as you’ll get to reflect yourself within a time frame. Besides, you get to evaluate yourself by the feedback session provided by the tutor.

He/she would strive the best along with you on your journey. Meantime, SPM online tutoring or home tuition classes in Malaysia save so much time and convenience in which students don’t need to travel to a specific location. They also get to learn in their comfort zone at home. Moreover, subjects like SPM Mathematics or Add Maths provide the same advantages of in-person tutoring as most of it is a formula based with lots of exercises and quizzes. Online tuition classes would provide tutors and the students in Malaysia to get unlimited access to the rest of our world-class curriculum at the same time.

As most of the school works were going digital for the past few months in Malaysia, tutors who are well-equipped with technical knowledge will be able to show different types of methods for students to learn and ace in their SPM examination. Malaysia is a country flooded with tons of tutors all around the state, especially Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, and Penang.

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