Chiropractors can help golfers to enhance the quality of the game they play. They analyze the physique of the golfer through golf shape Rx and golf body screen and shortlist the golf exercise that could provide golf fitness to the golfer.

Golfer’s Dream

Every golfer dreams of playing the best and most fit game. The game demands fitness with flexibility and stamina. A good physique is a must, and can only be attained through exercises. The chiropractor can analyze your physique and prescribe the best course of golf exercise to overcome your physical limitations.

Exercises for Golf Fitness

First your physical limitations should be identified before adapting to a regular exercise schedule. For muscle flexibility and stamina, stretch between each exercise. These warm–ups stabilize your neuromuscular system and ensure golf fitness. Your physical and mental strength are both interlinked. When well coordinated, it can easily help to overcome tiredness and weakness.

Simple Golf Exercise Tips

For perfect golf fitness, chiropractors suggest a few tips for golfers.

a. Walking – tones your heart by strengthening the cardiovascular muscles.

b. Stretches – helps you to warm-up and pushes your performance to the best level

c. Body twist – develops your core and empowers your swing as you twist your torso at hip level with a club in the hands at chest level.

d. Lunges – strengthens your thighs and legs – with one leg forward, bent at knees and the other stretched out touching the ground.

e. Back swing with clubs and weights – stretches the muscles of the core.

For a Good Core Stretch

To keep your game fresh, precise and controlled, you need to do the following:-

1. Exercise your back

The rowing exercises on a seated row machine improve your posture and strengthen the back muscles. At each repetition, squeeze your stomach muscles and exhale. Sit upright throughout the 12 to 24 repetitions.

2. Exercise your arms

This improves your golf swing by increasing your arm strength. Using a barbell, do a 90 degree bend, and stretch each arm by lying flat. With dumbbells at the shoulder, lift overhead with palms facing each other for 12 to 20 repetitions.

3. Exercise your legs

Your legs are the powerhouse and balance toward a good swing. To develop the leg muscles use the incline sled machine and push weights up the incline with your legs; repeat 10 times with each leg. Sit with straightened legs, extend and contract 10 to 15 times.

4. Exercise your abs

Your mid-section supports your back and provides stability for a strong swing. With barbells in hand, stand straight and lift overhead. Direct your mid-section muscles up towards the spine. Take deep breaths to pull your tummy in, hold longer. Doing this 15 to 20 times strengthens your abs.

5. Exercise your wrist

A strong wrist leashes out the power generated by your body for a powerful golf swing. Rotate the hip and the upper torso for a forward swing. Hold the club without wobbling. Mimic your swing to hit a ball. Do weight lifting to exercise your wrist.

6. Exercise your brain for mental fitness

Regular physical exercises provide greater blood flow to the brain and thereby increase your memory.

Chiropractors and golf exercise:

Chiropractors can put you on an golf exercise spree during the off season and help you to develop your physique. Exercises will increase your mobility and flexibility. These motivate your upper and lower body muscle stamina.

Take your chiropractors advice, improve your golf fitness, and play a great game!

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Dr. Jeff Hogan has nearly 10 years of experience in chiropractic services. His Golf Exercise programs have helped many golfers in terms of golf fitness, tuning them for a great career in golf. For more information, visit