WooCommerce, with its SEO-friendly functionalities, has emerged as a popular e-commerce platform among e-store owners. However, merely opening an online store wouldn't suffice today. As there is a growing demand for personalization, adopting the web-to-print storefront technology with a WooCommerce Product Designer tool integrated into your store is indispensable.

Again, after you set your print store and offer the freedom of personalization to customers through the WooCommerce Product Designer tool, there is a need to advertise your business.

So, read on a few general tips on advertising your business and broaden your brand outreach visibility.

Be Your Own Customer

Before presenting any product(s) before customers, test them yourself first. Put yourself in customers' shoes and see if you find anything amiss from the customers' perspective. A buyer's persona for your product(s) can help you determine whether your product solves the target audience's issues entirely or not. You can find out if there is anything more to improve the product(s) to enhance customers' experience.
Encourage Product Reviews

Asking customers themselves about how they found your product(s)/service(s) is probably the best way to understand their perspectives about your brand. Their reviews will give you an idea of the level of acceptance of your brand.

Encourage your customers to review your products on your site, app, or any social media platform. You can also use email conversations, feedback surveys, and forms to collect every individual's feedback. You can also request them to recommend your product(s) ahead if they find them good.

Always analyze your reviews - especially the negative ones - as they highlight the loopholes, possible areas of improvement to focus on and make your products better.

Create a Strong Online Presence

Without a strong online presence and excellent visibility, you may miss out on a broad potential audience. Therefore, to tap into the potential of organic traffic, ensure to optimize your store to make it SEO-friendly, engaging, conversion-driven. Use content optimization, social media marketing, off-site optimization, and several other digital marketing strategies to target the right audience and achieve sales targets faster. You can also leverage paid advertising to make the audience notice your brand quicker and turn into your customers.

Show Your Potential

Let people know that you 'deliver' results. Customers often like businesses that can prove their potential and worth. Share case studies of your happy clients. Case studies can be valuable for your new audience and help them reach the right and well-informed decision. Promote your case studies on a plethora of niche sites to get noticed by more potential prospects and drive them to your store.
Besides, showcase your industry expertise via blogs, white papers, etc. on your site to attract the target audience.

Online Video Marketing

YouTube is the go-to option to market your business. Create YouTube videos to showcase your products and services and share them across. Ensure that your videos are also engaging and appealing to viewers rather than just being 'informative' and 'plain.'

Apply YouTube marketing strategies like using the right title and keywords for every video, an interesting thumbnail, an SEO-friendly and engaging description, hashtags in the video description for better results.

Create and Promote Guides

Create free downloadable guides in addition to well-researched on-site blogs and articles to give that 'extra' knowledge that can engage customers. For instance, if you deal with custom t-shirts, you can create a guide on 'Tips to Look Cool in Casual Tees.'


Marketing your business is the key to spreading brand awareness and increasing your outreach and revenue. Always keep trying different marketing strategies to avoid over-dependence on a single system and issues that you may face due to its failure.

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Pratik Shah is Creative Head of Brush Your Ideas, a Web-to-Print technology solution offering custom product design software & Web-to-Print Storefront Solution.