Resumes are not just simple documents giving details of a candidate. On the contrary it is a document showing life, attitude and personality of a candidate. A good HR manager will always read through your resume and chances of you getting selected or rejected begins from there itself.

So we have come up with some tips to make a professional resume by renowned financial advisor recruiter.

  1. Length of the Resume! According to Miami financial advisor recruiting company, a professional resume should be of right length. Some advisors believe it should be not more than two pages while some others believe that it should be less than five pages. But key element for length of any resume is that it should give the employer all the necessary details about the candidate. If the candidate has lot of work experience and qualification, length of the resume can go up to five pages. If qualification and experience is less than it will end in two or three pages.
  2. Resume should fit the puzzle aptly! According to New York financial advisor recruiting company, many HR managers can scan the resume in not more than twenty seconds and make up their mind about the candidate. Resume should be able to crisply tell about set of skills the candidate possess and how he can be an asset for the company. There is no need to blabber about all the past experience of the candidate.
  3. Avoid writing objective! According to a Miami financial advisor recruiter, it is a myth that writing an objective can help you in getting the job. On the contrary it shows your need more than the need of the company. It is better to avoid writing an objective and write a positioning statement instead. This positioning statement will tell the HR how you can be useful for the company and how you can do value addition.
  4. Achievements and responsibilities! According to New York financial advisor recruiter a good resume should always highlight all your quantifiable achievements and job responsibilities you have played or capable of playing. Sufficient attention should be played on these two aspects as it will help the HR manager to decide whether are capable fo doing what they expect you to do or not.
  5. Strict no to all the typographical errors! It is written rule that the resume should be proofread not only by the person who have made the resume but also from someone else. Any kind of typing error is just not acceptable in resume.
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