A combination of skin type is always the hurdle in wearing makeup. Combination skin is the amalgamation of all the skin type in which some portion of the face is dry, some are oily and some is normal. In this type of skin, it becomes hard to choose what providing makeup should provide to someone or the customer. The care of combination skin is quite difficult than other skin types. If you are going to wear makeup then it is to that you will be only interested in that type of make which stays with you for a long time. Stylz beauty salon is the renowned name in the field of makeup in Lucknow and now Stylz has emerged as the best salon in Lucknow. In this blog, Stylz has brought some tips for you for combination skin type. We are going to share all the essential things by which you can provide or you can wear makeup which will remain last for a long time.

Makeup tips by Stylz for combination skin

It has been observed that so many people face problems when it comes to providing makeup to someone who has the combination skin type. So, the best way to provide makeup to the combination of skin type people has given below:-

1.Cleansing:- The cleansing is the first part of every makeup. You can use the lukewarm water to wash the face and for combination skin type people it is necessary to wash face with face wash. Face wash will remove the impurities and the extra oil from your face and it will provide you clean or the face ready for wearing makeup.

2.Moisturizing:- Moisturizer is essential to apply on the face after cleansing. It makes your skin stable and keeps your skin hydrated. Hydrated skin is a good surface to wear makeup and the makeup on hydrated skin stays long on the face. Hydrated skin has the natural shine because it exfoliates the dead skin itself and provides you with the natural glow which can be enhanced by makeup.

3.Prime your face:- Primer prepares the face for the makeup but if you have the combination skin then instead of using primer on fac of you can use ice cube massage on the face by keeping ice cube in a muslin cloth. Your face will prepare to wear makeup.

4.Foundation:- Foundation is the main element in makeup. Foundation enhances the glow of the skin and provides you with the even tone of the skin on your face. The oil-free foundation is the best for those who have a combination skin type.

5.Conceal:- Cream-based concealer is quite better for the combination skin type. It is good for hiding blemishes on the face skin. Never use the concealer on your eyelids if you have the oily lids.

6.Powder:- Powder dehydrates the skin, so those who have the combination skin type they do not need the powder as much as other needs. So sparing the use of powder will be quite better for those who have the combined skin type.

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