You need to clean the fuel tank of your car to get maximum mileage. You must use a pressure washer to clean all the rust and debris. You need to remove the fuel tank from your car to perform the task. Also, most people don’t have the time or skills to remove a fuel tank for cleaning. But, if you go through driving lessons from a driving school near Gladstone Park, you will be able to clean your car’s fuel tank without removing it. You will get to know the key tips that will let you perform the task easily. Here are the tips from driving school about cleaning the fuel tank. 

Read the instruction manual 

Before you start with the process, make sure to read the instruction manual to know how you can able to disconnect the lines of your fuel tank. This is a vital step as fuel tank lines vary with models. So, you must follow all the safety instructions. 

Drain the fuel tank 

This is perhaps the most vital step. You must completely drain your fuel tank. The most effective way to do this is to leave the car running till the last drop of fuel. Also, you can jack your vehicle from one side to drain the fuel from the tank more effectively.  

De-grease your fuel tank 

After draining the fuel tank, you need to de-grease it to get rid of the smell of gasoline. Moreover, this process is going to bring a better result. You can make use of the mixture of hot water and dish detergent or a commercial de-greaser. Leave the mixture in your fuel tank for at least one day. If the smell still exists, perform this step again. 

Pressure wash your fuel tank 

After completing the de-greasing process, you need to wash your fuel tank using water. Make use of a pressure washer to clean all the dirt, debris, and rust from the fuel tank. Make sure to point the sprayer at different angles inside your tank to get rid of all the rust from the tank walls. But, before you get into this step, make sure to wear goggles as debris or dirt might get into your eyes. 

Apply a cleaning solution

Probably, your fuel tank has rust or grime and needs to be removed using a cleaning solution. As you apply the solution, the chemicals are going to break down the rust. After you apply the cleaning solution, you can get rid of the debris and dirt easily. The driving school near Essendon Fields recommends using some high-quality acid solutions to achieve the best possible results.  

Leave the fuel tank 

You must give a few hours for the cleaning solution to sit and this will let you remove the sludge and rust very easily. Leave it for at least 2 hours to do the job. 

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The author is a driving instructor based near Essendon Fields and very often posts online contents regarding tips about driving.