While you drive you to need to be focused. You do not need to be a pundit, to know that. Now the million-dollar question, how to remain focused? Well, the instructors of leading driving schools would provide you several tips for staying focused. Thus, if you are planning to enroll in a driving school, you need to know beforehand some of the best ways to stay focused.

Ensuring a phone-free driving

This is the first and foremost condition of staying focused while driving. So long you drive, turning your attention to your mobile is a strict NO-NO! That’s the first and foremost tip that every professional driving instructor of any driving school in Belmont will give to first-time learners. Yes, some seasoned drivers are seen talking over the phone while driving, but that's something against the rule and would invite heavy penalties.

Mapping the route before the journey begins

If you are to take an unknown route or visit somewhere you have never been, it is best to study and map the route before you set off. Studying the map intermittently as you drive will distract you and thwart you from maintaining focus on driving.

Carry out the pre-driving rituals before you set off

You will surely not like distractions while you drive. Thus, you need to ensure that nothing distracts you once you are at the wheel. So you need to adjust the seat belt, and the look-behind mirrors, the map, and your music player, if you have the habit of playing music as you drive. Thus, you need to pre program your playing list, so much so that you do not have to adjust it during driving. Adjusting the playing list of your car music system while you drive is pretty distracting and has to be avoided. No instructor of any driving school in Ocean Grove or elsewhere will recommend that. So prepare your favourite playlist beforehand.

Do not multitask:

Multitasking is a strict NO-NO while you drive as that is pretty distracting. Thus, stop doing things like calling your kids back home, checking your wallet or purse, combing your hair or adjusting your shirt while driving. These activities will leave you distracted and will stop you from focusing. Moreover, they are dangerous, no matter how good a person you are, at the wheels.

Do not watch streaming videos

For heaven’s sake, never watch live streaming on mobiles while you drive. Remember, these stuff are meant for your leisure time that you spend in your bedroom – not for the streets when you drive. A recent study has revealed that 10% of drivers tend to watch these live streaming while driving – a highly dangerous practice, to say the least.

Do not carry out your daily routine behind the wheels

A good18% of drivers admit to carrying out their daily grooming while at wheels and another 12% told that they change clothes while driving. How on earth will you be able to focus if you practice these things while you are at the wheels? Thus, the mentors at any driving school in Sherwood like any other place would tell you to not even think of these activities while driving if you are to concentrate.

Thus you see, focusing while you drive is easy, only and only if you refrain from these activities while driving.

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The author runs a driving school in Sherwood, Ocean Grove, Belmont, and elsewhere. The author is also an avid blogger.