Participating in online competitions is a lot of fun, it is exciting and if you win an online competition it can be extremely profitable. Huge amounts of money and other great prizes are won online by people like you by participating in free contests every day. The best part of these competitions is that they are free! It doesn't cost you 1 cent to enter.

As the saying goes, you have to be there to win it!

Here are some tips to help you get started and hopefully win with our online competitions.

1. Participate in as many competitions as possible

The more competitions you participate, the greater your chances of winning a prize. We have many competitions open to people from all over the world, why stop at just one?

2. The more prizes, the better

Participate in online contests that have multiple prizes available. The more prizes available, the better chance you have of winning one.

3. Take part in less popular online competitions

Competitions with fewer participants, that is, fewer people participating in them will be easier to win, so always participate in more of these types of competitions. Try to enter as many contests as you can at least once.

4. Read the fine print

Some competitions only allow one entry, others are only open to residents of certain countries like our UK Competitions. Don't risk being disqualified.

5. Set up alternative email accounts

Set up a few different email addresses and use them to enter contests. You may receive spam from some of the competition organizers, do not allow this email to invade your daily business, you could also go to an email account that you have set up specifically for this purpose, rather than your account personal. Be sure to always check these email accounts to see notifications in case you win.

6. Enter actual details

Imagine if you won a grand prize and entered the wrong details! Always enter your actual data when prompted.

7. Use the "Web Form Filling" software

Use the special "Web Form Filling" software to speed up the contest entry process.

It will allow you to complete web forms with just one click, which can make the difference between only participating in 20 competitions in one hour or being able to enter 100 competitions.

If you use Firefox as your browser software, there are plenty of great plugins for this purpose, like the Google iMacros toolbar also has an auto-fill feature that allows you to fill in your data with one click.

Do not use software that automatically enters competitions for you, this will not help you win and chances are you will be disqualified.

8. Share your competitions

If you know of a competition that is not listed in Online Competitions, use our contact form to tell us about it.

9. Have fun!

If participating in our contests, contests, and prize draws stops being fun and starts to feel like a job, take a few days off and come back later. There will always be more online contests for you to win when you return.

10. Keep trying!

In the words of Sir Winston Churchill "Never give up, never give up" - Something like that anyway. If you don't win on the first try, try again.

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With the recent economic climate affecting everyone's wallets, people are looking for ways to save money and get something for nothing.