Internet has revolutionized the shopping patterns, now we sit at home, order the products online in bulk and these Wholesale Products are delivered at our warehouse in few days. The increased trend of conducting business online has brought some challenges with it. Negative publicity is one such challenge, which leaves disastrous consequences.
A negative comment about your business, which you know will stay on some online forum/portal forever, could do a lot of damage. Negative publicity has potential to tarnish your business reputation in moments. Just like a bush fire starts with a tiny spark, it also starts with one or two stray comments either from competitors or the angry customers and with global connectivity, this hate campaign spreads among the exiting and potential customers.
The webpage with such negative reviews about your company can become the top link of the search engine result-page related to your business and cause serious loss. The fact is that you cannot avoid negative comments totally but you can bury their effect, because on the web today’s stories die by becoming yesterday news and to form today’s news, is in your hand.
To limit damage to your online reputation, you should be well prepared to fight with negative publicity. Follow some easy-to-understand tips given below:
1) Hire a PR specialist:
Negative publicity hits badly when you are not prepared enough. Wholesale suppliers must hire a PR specialist who has a good command over SEO practices. He must keep a sharp eye on all the fronts including social networks, rankings websites, blogs, forums, and scam-report portals. It is better to stay updated than to get caught from behind. The PR specialist should be able to take appropriate and timely steps to counter such propaganda as a stitch in time saves nine.
2) Create additional websites:
You should build additional websites to increase the rankings of the web which has been victim to such propaganda. Run dozens or even more blogs, each linking to the original B2B trade portal, this improves your ranking in the search engines results by bringing it on the top of the index page. In this way, negative comments shift to the later pages and become less threatening.
3) Create quality content:
Use analytical tools to identify the sites containing bad reviews about your business. Investigate keywords which generating traffic for such pages and to counter this, produce quality content targeting these keywords. Update your blogs regularly with latest information about your wholesale products, tips, strategies, and ideas related to the industry.
4) Take part in forums:
Posting negative comments about your competitor is unethical. Also, do not try to get such bad comments removed, instead come-up with a response clearing your position. Take active part in forums and discussions. Moreover, ask your loyal customers to participate in such forums and leave positive comments.
5) Solve genuine problems:
Contact the person, leaving bad comments, directly and figure out his concerns. If he has genuine problems, try to sort them out. Try to raise the quality of your products and service. You can also offer him special discounts. Take his criticism positively, use it for constructive purposes, and identify hidden opportunities through it.
6) Build productive links:
Write unique content and submit it in the Page Rank websites like Ezine articles, Tumbler, TypePad and WordPress for link building. Work on PR management by sending out quality press releases, which disclose every new update of your wholesale business. Avoid link spamming (creation of unproductive links) to keep your practices highly ethical.
7) Plan ethical counter attack:
Hire a team of experts having the ability to produce convincing statements against bad reviews. They should not leave harsh negative comments in response but should stay calm and deal with them intelligently. Don’t offend the audience because controversy is inevitable; embrace it with confidence and intelligence.

Author's Bio: 

William King is the director of Wholesale Products, UK Wholesale and UK Wholesale Supplies. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.