Everyone is photogenic, even though many people do not. Some couples even see at the pictures as they think they do not like to be ... Nowhere takes, because you are captured picture perfect with these tips for the wedding!

Tip 1: Click the photographer
The photographer is the most of your present day. It is therefore important that you get along with him. When you feel comfortable with the wedding photographer, you also get better pictures with a real smile. The choice of a wedding photographer is very important.

Tip 2: Hot Shot
Let the photographer a photo shoot just after the ceremony ended. You are just married, and you'll see that you smile and expression is indescribable. Make sure you have at this moment the snapshot!

Tip 3: Weather in the picture
Whether it rains or the sun shines, engage the weather of the day in your wedding pictures. Rains it pours at your wedding? Go to the picture with umbrellas! Is it snowing? Shoot your cousins holding a snowball fight. So you really let the atmosphere of your day emerge on the wedding photos! When you see the pictures later, you get just that feeling of your wedding again!

Tip 4: Setting the location
You have not chosen anything the wedding venue. Let the photographer use this location as a backdrop for photos. Did you choose an industrial site in the city? Let buildings for example, the background, or a busy road near the location. When you marry very rural, the nature is a perfect setting. To make the photos more colorful.

Tip 5: Timing
If you as a bride for the ceremony want to take some pictures, make sure you this good time. Go two and a half hours before starting to dress, so you can make these pictures an hour before your ceremony. You will be relaxed in the pictures.

Tip 6: Be Natural
Just try to forget the camera. You should not have the idea that has been around as a photographer, you have to draw a particular face. It's just fine if you can really show your emotions, and fails when "posing" every time you see the photographer.

Ignore the photographer so! So you get real pictures; During the teasing speech MC see that you get a red color, if you lough with friends, you see a great laugh, or when you kiss, you see you look, those are the moments that you'd like to see again.

Tip 7: Plan the wedding photos
A little organization for the wedding pictures will not hurt. Put in a row what you find important moments that should be included in your wedding photographs. It is also useful if you make a list of people you'd like the photo. You do nothing than to worry and the photographer may monitor. Agree that the photographer at the ceremonies can step to ask who is who.

Thunder on the photographer with five A4 pages of people and events that you want in the picture. That's too much. “An experienced photographer really know how it works. Instead, create a top 20 people you want in the picture. Also create a wedding checklist and a total number of events that can not be missed!

Tip 8: Behind the scenes
It's nice when you have pictures of the preparations. Think of the bride who is the dressing and grooming, while the family waits below. The groom does not this piece, and it's nice to see afterwards how these were moments.

Tip 9: Keep moving
It is important that you keep moving as the photographer takes pictures. If you do not, you get very quickly a rigid effect and many of the same pictures. So go through what you're doing and let the photographer take its course. During the report of the photographer gives you also poses which are fun. Jump on it and ' keep moving '!

Tip 10: Different Techniques
Ask if the Photographer (or Fotógrafo em Florianópolis) wants to use different techniques: black and white photos, sepia, panorama photos, you name it. So you get a lot of varied wedding photos!

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Misty Jhones