Whether you are a beginner or have been smoking cigarettes for a while, you’d probably know how life is without it. For ages, it’s joints that have been offering you the pleasures of life and you simply can’t forget it is a pro in the world of cigarettes; or if you are a beginner and are learning the authentic ways to enjoy smoking, here is a cue. Go make lots of rolled joints, until you feel you have become a pro. 

We understand that you have this particular fetish for rolling joints, and when you complete making them, you finally feel like you have achieved something. The only demerit that most smokers have complained about is the effort and time that goes into using all the accessories and herbs in perfect proportions to create the ideal joint. To save you from the hassle of rolling out the papers with herbs inside, manufacturers have gone ahead in manufacturing pre-rolled cones.

Why are pre-rolled cones a savior?

Well! Of course, they are. For smokers, these pre-rolled cones are like elementary. They make the process of crafting cigarettes much simplified. Do you know what makes them different? They are just pre-rolled joints where all you need to do is pack them up with your kind of herbs and twist ends of it, and that’s how the joint-making process completes.

Whether you are new in this field or a pro, if this is the first time that you are about to use pre-rolled joints then here it is. So, basically, it’s a cone and nothing elsewhere you have to pour in your herbs. Want to know how you should go ahead with the packing? We have this sorted pretty well. In the following lines, we have a simple guide for you to best understand the process of packing the pre-rolled cones

Have a look:

Grind the herbs

Your first step will be to grind the herbs. Since you are about to prepare the pre-rolled joint, it's vital you use the grinder for breaking the herbs. Remember the more you grind them the simpler it will be to pack the cone. 

Also, ensure that you fill in the cone adequately. If you don’t fill it in with enough herbs, it's likely that the joint will become loose. After all, an unpleasant feeling is the last thing, you want to experience.

Filling the cone

After grinding the herbs into minuscule particles, start filling the cone; and in a majority of instances, it's going to be as simple as picking up the pieces and then dropping them inside the cone. While you try to fill the cone, it's vital that you hold the stem firmly enough so that you don’t lose your grip as it's likely that you might damage the filter.

Are you scared that by using your fingers for loading the cone, everything might get ruined? Or do you want your fingers to have herbs sticking on them? Whatever the reason, you can skip the process where you have to use fingers by just dropping the herbs inside the cone; and then when you fill it make sure you are not holding the cone too hard than usual. There is cone packing accessories and tweezers to help you pace up the entire process; in course of which your fingers stay absolutely unspoiled.

Packing the cone

Want to know what’s next? After filling you have to use your skills of packing the cone. Get a cone packer or maybe a chopstick to handle this part. These slim things will help the herbs firmly fit into the cone while the latter gets packed. When you pack the cone it's essential that you must fill it with enough herbs so that it doesn’t become too short.

Twist the cone

After firmly packing the cone twist up the joint’s top and ensure that it's of ideal length. It must be twisted to the correct length.

Pack your cone perfectly to ensure you get the best smoking experience.


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The author runs a company manufacturing pre-rolled cones. In recent times the author has been shedding light on key aspects concerning the subject.